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Blogmas Day 19 - Reflection on 2020, and Resolutions for 2021

 Hello Friends,

I hope you are doing well. I wanted to share my resolutions for 2020, and how I did this year working on them. I shared my hopes for 2020 in last year's Blogmas post on my resolutions here. I am also sharing below what my resolutions are for 2021. I am so excited for a fresh New Year, more than ever this year. A New Year always feels like such a fresh start and full of possibilities. Please see below for my 2020 review and then my goals for the upcoming year!

Review of 2020 Goals:

1. Get Married

I didn’t get married this year – twice! because of the pandemic, the first time the venue wasn't open and the second time there was threat of closures and a reduced guest size to 10 people . So we postponed to next year. We have a tentative date planned for March. Fingers crossed that the third time is a charm.

2.Buy a House or Condo✅

We did buy a condo/townhouse! We moved in in November this year and put down the offer, and had it accepted in August. It was an exciting experience and we are so happy in our new home. 

3. Get to my goal weight 

I didn’t get to my goal weight this year. I did lose weight in the Summer and worked hard eating right and exercising. Then I started gaining again after the move and now it is Christmas time and more difficult to diet. I will start over in the New Year. 

4. Read 15 books ✅

I got to 12 books completed at this point. I have a few books on the go right now that I might finish before the end of the year. I read more this year than other years with being home more often. I mark this one as complete because I am reading those 3 last books and reached my goal to read 15.

5. Knit 12 new projects

I knitted a shawl, two fair isle ornaments, socks, a cowl, scarf as a Christmas gift, a pumpkin, a beanie that I haven't yet finished, and a wreath ornament. I have knitted the ornaments before so they don't count. I made it to 6 items that I didn't knit before. I like this goal and will use it again for 2021.

6. Improve blog✅

I did start following new blogs this year especially at the end because of Blogmas. I followed new knitters on Instagram. I posted a lot more this year around 3 times each week at some points. I was thinking of ways to improve my blog and think of new content to share especially for Blogmas this year.

Resolutions for 2021 

1. Get to goal weight - I will keep working towards my goal weight and trying to be the healthiest version of me. I will read the article called "how to get to your goal weight faster" by SkinnyMs from this photo.

Photo source

2. Read 20 books - I had a goal this past year of 15 books and almost made it. So I will aim for 20 this next year! I can do it.

Photo source

3. Knit a top - I see so many cute tops on Instagram to knit up. This year, I will choose one to knit up to wear in the summer.

Photo source

4. Get married - I hope to get married in March of 2021.

Photo source

5. Start trying for a baby - I am really hoping that once we get married, we can start trying for a baby. I am so excited for our future family that we build together. My sister is currently pregnant and due in late April next year. I am excited to be an Aunt, and I am so happy that our family is growing.

Photo source

6. Get a cat - I really want to get a pet cat this year, we shall see. It will be a busy year and we have to be all set up in our home to welcome a pet. I have always had cats growing up and feel my home is not complete without one.

Photo source

7. Finish decorating home - We still have a lot of furniture and décor to buy for our new home. Hopefully this year we can complete decorating our new home and make it all that we would like it to be.

Photo source

8. Start a yoga routine -I want to incorporate yoga into my weekly morning routine to get in shape and healthy. I think yoga is a calming exercise and great way to get mentally ready for the workday.

Photo source

9. Start Cross stitching - As I mentioned in my preparing for 2021 post, I am interested in learning how to cross stitch this upcoming year. I saw a cute set on Etsy that I will probably buy to get started. It is always fun learning something new.

Photo source

Thank you for stopping by the blog today! How was 2020 for you? It was a crazy year and it is nice to see that even while in a pandemic, I did meet some of my goals and resolutions. What are your goals for 2021? I am so excited for the New Year! Looking forward to celebrating Christmas first. I can't believe it is in 6 days! 🎄 See you again for another Blogmas post tomorrow for day 20!

Have a great day!


  1. Lisa, you have done incredibly well with your goals considering there is a raging pandemic out there. Be kind to yourself and know that you are amazing! You can do whatever you need to do in 2021, lets hope it is a much better year.

  2. Hi
    Very nice your golf for 2021. I like. Good idea to post.

  3. I wish you the best for 2021 !
    Keep focus !
    Have a wonderful year !


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