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Reflecting on 2019 and Resolutions for 2020 - Blogmas Day 20

Hello Friends,

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I hope you are doing well. Welcome to Blogmas day 20! We are 5 days away from Christmas day now. I am so excited for Christmas day to arrive. I finished my Christmas shopping today with five days left to spare. I am so happy I can just enjoy some time before Christmas to relax and wrap gifts and spend time doing other things other than shopping. It was very busy today in the stores even though it is a weekday and it is bound to get busier leading up to Christmas. I took today off work and Liam was off work too so I did some errands, and then we did some Christmas shopping together.

2019 Reflection

This year was pretty good, there were some bumps along the way, but I can say now that I am pretty content with how the year has gone as a whole. I got a job transfer in May and that took  some adjusting. I got to know a new team and now I feel like I am part of the team and comfortable. I learned a new job and was training most of the year every few months. Also this year was busy for wedding planning. We secured all the vendors we need for the wedding. We are still thinking of transportation and honeymoon location. But other than that, we are pretty set. It was fun finding the vendors and meeting with them. I had my hair and makeup trial in October and loved what they did. Next year will be busy with the events leading up to the big day and preparations.

As far as resolutions go, I think I did pretty well, but I didn't meet them all. I worked on each one this year, but maybe not as much or as well as I had wanted. It was definitely helpful for me to have this list and to keep it in my mind all year. I feel like it drove a lot of what I did and focused my time on. I reviewed the list below and wrote some notes on how I achieved or did not achieve the resolution. I shared my resolutions for the new year below.

1. Use less plastic 
I definitely used less plastic, but I still used a lot. It is a hard habit to stop and this coming year I will continue to work on this goal and make it a priority.

2. Knit a shawl 
I started knitting a shawl but I have not finished it yet. You can see how I am doing with it in this blog post: Knitting an Ornament and Reading On - Blogmas Day 10.
3. Read 15 books 
I did not finish reading 15 books this year. I finished 9 books. I will work on this again next year. I am always reading though and that is the main focus on this goal is to be reading and always have a good book on the go. I love reading and will always make reading a goal for myself.

4. Complete 12 knitting projects 
I went through my Instagram and counted 12 projects this year. I am happy I met this goal and continued to make knitting a priority this year.

5. Find and secure a venue for my wedding 

We found the perfect venue for our wedding and I can't wait to get married next year!

6. Get to my goal weight
I did not get to my goal weight this year sad to say. I did well at maintaining and dropping pounds here and there but always gained it back. I hope to work even harder in the new year and drop some pounds before the wedding.

2020 Resolutions

I feel like 2020 will be a great year and a busy one and I have a lot of life goals and milestones happening this year. I think it will be so much fun and a fulfilling year for Liam and I and our families.

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1. Get Married
This year Liam and I are getting married in May. I am so excited to get married and I think we will have such a fun day and it will be the best day of my life.

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2. Buy a house or condo 
This year we would like to buy a home. We currently are renting in Toronto and we would like to put down some roots somewhere and have more space to start a family one day. I really like townhouses and we have been looking at some in the Greater Toronto Area.

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3. Get to my goal weight 
I would like to lose weight for the wedding. I did lose some this year and would like to continue with this focus in the new year. I am getting happier with how I look and want to keep working towards my goal. I still have time to get to my goal weight before the wedding if I work hard.

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4. Read 15 books
This year I would love to read more and get to my goal of reading 15 books. This past year I almost made it happen but was about 5 books off. Reading is one of my favourite hobbies and I would really like to hit this goal. 

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5. Knit 12 new projects
In 2019, I knitted 12 projects and it was great to knit so many both big and small. I really like to continue working on my knitting skill and developing as a knitter. This year I would like to challenge myself to knitting 12 projects I haven't knitted before.

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6. Improve blog 
I love to see my blog grow and develop over time. I really enjoy seeing new people follow my blog and I would like to try to increase my traffic. I would like to visit other blogs more and meet new bloggers. I would also like to try more blogging challenges and come up with a new addition to my blog this year. I was thinking of bringing Stitchy Saturdays back and maybe another initiative.

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My word for the year is Shine. I want to shine bright this year and make it my year to be my best self! I will revisit this word throughout the year and try to find ways to stand out and be my best self all year long. I saw a Happy Planner that said "It's your year to Shine" I hope to get this from my mom for Christmas. It does feel like this is my year to shine.

What are your New Years Resolutions or words for 2020? 

Thank you for visiting my blog for Blogmas day 20. It was fun writing this post and I love sharing my reflection of 2019 and the resolutions for 2020 with you. I hope that your year was awesome and hope 2020 is even better for you. Please join me again tomorrow for another Blogmas post.

Have a great day!

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