Friday, March 28, 2014

Knitting a Spring Cowl using the Eyelet Moss Stitch

Hello friends,

I have just started knitting a light cowl for the spring.  I am using the eyelet moss stitch pattern that I found on the Knitting Galore blog.  There are tons of great stitches on this blog it is like a stitch dictionary.  This stitch stood out to me because it looked like it would be light and airy for spring’s warmer temperatures.

The start of the cowl using the eyelet moss stitch

 I have also made some progress on my baby blanket that I have been knitting mostly while I was finishing up the second season of House of Cards.   It is getting much longer now I think I have to knit double the amount you see in the photo to complete the blanket.

I hope you are all are having a great Friday and have a good weekend!
Take care,
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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Spring is finally here and knitted blanket update photos

Hello Friends,

I have been super busy with school work  last week I was preparing an essay to send in for Friday worth 30% of my grade so it was a big deal!  then I was also working a lot of hours at the store.  Excuses aside, today I have taken some time out after sending in my assignments to knit more of the blanket and also take some photos to share with you :)  I will be knitting and blogging a lot more now since I have finished some major assignments ! yay

I am so happy that we are finally having the Spring weather here in Toronto.  This winter has been horrible with all the snow storms and weather changes.  I have felt so much happier and lighter the past few first days of Spring!

Progress made on the blanket! still have a long way to go!

The clovers in the green pot and the daisies in the brown pot are sprouting! it really is Spring :)

As always thank you so much for visiting my blog I really appreciate the support and wonderful comments :)  I hope you all have a great day!

Take care,
Lisa :)
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Monday, March 10, 2014

5 Knitting Ideas for Spring!

Hello Friends,

 The weather is beautiful here in Toronto today and it is putting me in great spirits!  I have submitted my two assignments for school and I am free to work on some more knitting for my baby blanket so it’s a great day! Below I have included some ideas for things to knit for spring!  as it gets warmer we need to wear lighter knits and let go of the heavy and chunky knits and save them for next winter.

1.   This bird’s nest by “The Purl Bee” by Purl Soho is perfect for the start of spring.  We will be seeing a lot of birds flying around soon, I can already hear them chirping outside. 

 2.  This lovely light cowl called "Rustic Lace cowl" by "Balls to the Walls Knits" is perfect for Spring.  The beautiful lace details and the light wool make a nice addition to any spring wardrobe.

3. These knitted Spring flowers are a perfect addition to add onto clothing, scarves, headbands and more. You can visit Knitculture's blog to see how you can make some of your own!

 4.       This is a light lace scarf called the"Gurie Jabot Scarf" from Berroco.  It is perfect for spring with the light brown color and the lace to make it airy. 

5.  You can find this Light cowl pattern on this “Balls to the Walls Knits” blog by Gretchen.  It is a nice light and airy cowl perfect for spring.  Time to shed those heavy chunky scarves and go for something lighter!

Have a great night! Thank you for your visit !
Lisa xo

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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Knitted Baby Blanket Progress and Planting for Spring!

Hello Friends,

How is everyone doing? I have been busy with my two online University courses (Women's Writing and Philosophy) that I have assignments coming up for soon! There is so much work to do, and I love taking some time out of writing and reading to do some KNITTING! 
Below I have posted some photos of how the blanket is looking so far. I still have a long way to go.  The pattern is a basket weave stitch.  I also posted a photo of my pots from Target that I purchased this week.  The seeds came with the pots and one has clover seeds and the other has daisy seeds.  The third plant in the baseball pot is one I have had for years.  It used to be in my classroom in the toddler room but then I brought it home with me.   I am ready for spring now!  Maybe the more I think about Spring it will come faster? Pretty please?

The baby blanket so far! 

The clover and daisy seeds planted.  The pots came in the packages from Target!

Now I am just waiting patiently for them to grow... :)
Have a great night! 
Take care,

Lisa :)
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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Progress on the baby blanket

Hello Friends,

Sorry I haven't been posting lately I have recently gotten pretty busy with school work but I know I should always find time to spend here :)  I love sharing my knitting progress with all of you and reading your lovely comments.  It is such a great place to be.  Today I caught up on knitting the baby blanket I was working on last week and I like how it is turning out :)  below are some photos to share with you.  I am using the basketweave stitch with a pattern found on the Stockinette blog.

Have a great night everyone, enjoy your weekend!
Take care,

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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Started knitting the baby blanket

Hello Friends, 

How are you doing? I think we are getting closer to Spring now I can feel it in the air today.  I am hopeful anyways.  Today I did some yoga and felt very centered and peaceful and then did some readings for my courses that I am taking online.   I also worked a little bit on knitting the baby blanket for my cousin and happy to have finally finished one repetition of the basket weave pattern for the baby blanket.  I found out that they had a boy last week so that was very exciting! and it also means my needles should be clicking away much faster so I can get the blanket to them before her grows too quickly! then I would need to make a much larger blanket!  Here are some photos below of the blanket, hope you like it so far! :)

I am using a pattern for the basket weave baby blanket found at the blog Stockinette.  It is a great pattern and I find it easy to follow.  Check it out if you want to knit one too !

Have a great day!

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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Conóceme Prize!

Hello Friends!

I am so happy to announce that Anna from Annasimplecrochet has given me the "Conóceme" award  below for my blog. Thank you so much Anna! it is great to receive it and I am glad you enjoy reading my blog  

from Annasimplecrochet
The rules are to answer Anna’s 11 questions and then to offer the prize to 11 other blogs and ask 11 of my own questions.

Anna’s questions:
1.     Jeans or dresses? (Jeans ou robe ?)  I love to wear dresses when I can because they make me feel so pretty! I love when the hot weather comes so I can wear maxi dresses and light dresses with sandals.
2.     What is your favorite word? (Quel est ton mot préféré ?) Wonderful
3.     Your favorite dessert? (Ton dessert préféré ?)  Cheesecake!
4.     What is your favorite book? (Quel est ton livre préféré ?) The Dive from Clausen’s Pier by Ann Packer
5.     Your favorite movie? (Ton film préféré ?) Under the Tuscan sun or Eat, Pray, Love
6.     Do you prefer a pretty little house or a loft on the 25th floor? (Préfererais-tu une jolie petite chaumière ou un loft au 35ème étage?) I would prefer a house so I could decorate the outside and garden.  I also like being about to drive into my driveway and walk into my house.
7.     Pasta or vegetables? (Pâtes ou légumes ?) Pasta!
8.     What is your craziest dream? (Quel est ton rêve le plus fou?) to make a career blogging,  I would love it but sometimes I think it would be pretty hard to do!
9.     Where would you like to live? (Où aimerais-tu vivre ?) I live in Canada right now and I love this country.  I would like to stay here.
10.   What music do you like to listen to at the moment? (Quelle est la musique que tu adores écouter en ce moment?)  I enjoy listening to Lana Del Ray
11.   What is your biggest love? (Quel est ton plus grand Amour ?) my family

My 11 questions for the blogs I have chosen are: 

1. What made you decide to begin blogging?
2. When do you feel most inspired to blog?
3. What is your favorite season?
4. Who inspires you most in your life?
5. What is your favorite part about blogging?
6.  If you had one tip for a new blogger what would it be?
7 .What time of the day do you blog most often?
8. What is your favorite color?
9. What is your favorite topic to blog about?
10. What are your hobbies?
11.What is your favorite food?

The blogs listed below are blogs I enjoy reading everyday and they inspire myself and others in so many ways.  I want to award each of you with the award above for your amazing work on blogs.  Thank you.

The blogs I have chosen are:

Have a great day
Take care,

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Completed the Green Infinity Scarf!

Hello Friends,

This morning I finished the green infinity scarf I have been working on for a friend.  I was knitting during the Winter Olympics this morning and finally knitted the last row to complete the scarf to the length I wanted.  I loved working with this soft wool in the dark green color.   I used size 13 needles with Dark Green Bernat Softee Chunky wool. I cast on 34 stitches and used the knit two, purl two pattern and when I turned my work, I knitted the knits and purled the purls for a length of 77 inches. Then I connected the ends together by weaving the wool from the bind off between the two ends of the scarf.  

Thank you for visiting my blog and I hope you have a great day!
Take care,

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

How to Knit the Star Stitch!

Hello Friends,

Today I decided to learn how to knit the Star Stitch.  I found a photo of the Star Stitch last week and I loved how the stars looked like little flowers and I had to try it out for myself.  It is a fun stitch to knit and it is done on a repeat of four rows.  I posted the pattern and video below that I followed as well if you wanted to try the stitch for yourself!

My knitted gauge of the Star Stitch :)

Video I followed:
I followed Iknitwithcatfur's youtube video.  I like her instructions, she speaks clearly and slowly and knits slowly so it is easy to follow.

The Star Stitch Pattern:

Cast on multiples of 4 + 1 so for example, I casted on 17 stitches (16 +1) 
Row 1: Knit the entire row
Row 2: purl 1, purl 3 together (keep on needle) then yarn over and purl together, repeat this start stitch to the last stitch then purl the last stitch.
Row 3: Knit the entire row
Row 4: purl 3 stitches separately,  purl 3 together (keep on needle) then yarn over and purl together, repeat this start stitch to the last three stitches, then purl the last three stitches separately.
repeat this pattern from row 1 to 4 until you finish your project.

I hope you enjoyed learning about this stitch!
Have a great day :)

Take care,


Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Update on knitting projects

Hello Friends,

I hope you are all doing well and enjoying all your creative projects.  I have been really busy lately with school work but I have managed to do a bit of knitting this morning which was so great and relaxing.  I love knitting for that reason it calms and centers me.  I wanted to share with you the progress on the green scarf I have been knitting.  I have knitted 30 inches now and typically my scarves of this style are 77 inches so I have 47 inches left to knit.  I would like to finish it by this weekend to give to my friends.  Winter won't stay forever so there is a time limit! I have also included a photo of the baby wool I bought to knit a blanket to match the booties for my cousin who is expecting.  I have not started on the booties yet but will post photos of both the blanket and booties once I start!

Progress on the green infinity scarf! only 47 inches left to knit!

More baby wool, I need to get started on this project soon, my cousin's baby is due in February!

I hope you all have a great day! 
Take care,
Lisa xo