Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Thoughts on Turning 30

Hello Friends,

I hope you are doing well. Tomorrow is my 30th birthday! I can't believe the day has finally arrived. In some ways I feel 30 and am ready for this change and some ways I still feel too young and also a bit nervous. Turning 30 this year has come with a lot of reflection time. Ever since January of this year I have been thinking about what turning 30 means to me and if I am ready. I realized that turning 30 is the beginning of a new chapter of life for me. I am leaving my twenties behind and moving on to being 30 when I am happy in a job I love, surrounded by positive people in my life, and opening up to new possibilities and opportunities.

My twenties were for figuring out what I wanted to do in a career and who I was. I started out in one career and realized it was not the right fit for me and then made the decision to change careers. Now I am in a career I enjoy and feel like there are so many opportunities there for career growth and development. I was placed there on a contract earlier this year while working for a temp agency. Now I am so grateful that I chose the assignment and went into office administration and am in my current position of Data entry administrator.

At my sister's bridal shower in June 2018

I have been working on focusing on my goals more and more. Lately I have been thinking of making progress towards my personal goals and focusing on self care. I have made more of an effort to spend time doing things that make me feel fulfilled and a sense of accomplishment like knitting and blogging. I have been looking inward for the answers to what makes me happy and feel fulfilled, and I have been able to feel content most of the time. That might also come with getting older as you learn about yourself you can create a life you love because you know what works for you. I think I understand myself and that I need time to refresh by setting aside time to write goals and my focus when things get busy or stressful. I am more confident than I have ever been that I can take on challenges that come my way.

At my sister's wedding September 2018

My twenties were amazing, I met my boyfriend of now 5 + years, moved to Toronto to live with him, changed careers, my sister got married, I was her Maid of Honor, and I kept blogging throughout my twenties sharing my life and interests with you all. I cannot wait to see what the thirties have in store for me!

Tomorrow on my birthday, I will be going into the office for a regular day of work, then I will be going for dinner with my boyfriend to an Italian restaurant in the evening to celebrate.  On the weekend I will be spending time with family going to dinner.

I am excited for this new chapter to begin and feel like the best is yet to come.

Here's to 30!

Have a wonderful day

Saturday, October 6, 2018


Hello Friends,

I hope you are doing well. I have had a busy week full of good moments. We had a Thanksgiving potluck lunch at work on Thursday, and I made some cranberry sauce to bring to the lunch. I used a recipe from Simply Recipes for the first time and it turned out pretty tasty. I have also been making butternut squash risotto dishes today to bring to Thanksgiving dinners this weekend. Because I am vegetarian, I wanted to offer to provide a dish I can eat as my main and others can eat as their sides with their turkey. I used Maddie Lymburner's vegan butternut squash risotto recipe from her YouTube channel and it is so delicious. I love how it used nutritional yeast which I love and it is such a good alternative to using dairy.

Butternut Squash Risotto

I bought these flowers to bring for my parents for Thanksgiving today. I found them at the Superstore and just loved the pumpkin pot and the detail on the pumpkin.

I love this hand towel I bought in the summer. It has the ingredients list and directions to make a pumpkin pie. I love using festive hand towels in the kitchen around this time of the year. I might try to follow the recipe to make one this year!

I have been working on knitting the second mitten of the fingerless mittens. I have been making steady progress on it this week but had to frog it a couple of times due to dropped stitches which makes it look loose, so I would rather take it apart and make the changes to be happy with how it turns out. I should be done them soon! Then I will focus on sewing up the seams for the Wool and the Gang Farrah Billie Jean top.

Fingerless Mittens by Kathy North. Pattern from Ravelry

I love this time of the year because it reminds me to be thankful for what I have. I love being surrounded by family for our Thanksgiving meal and enjoying the holiday together. I am so thankful for time spent together and the delicious food we share.

Thank you for visiting my blog today. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving if you celebrate here in Canada. I hope you enjoy your weekend!

Have a great day!

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