Thursday, January 6, 2011


Hey friends!

So tonight I was reading part two of the new book, called "It's called a breakup because it's broken" by Greg Behrendt & Amiira Ruotola-Behrendt. This second part is called break- over! apparently it's the moving on part of the book. I am glad I am at this point but still leaving the poor me and poor him and aw the relationship ended stage.
I was forced to buy it by my mom, I think she was sick of listening to my moaning lol. The book is actually quite funny and sooo true!

It has been helping a lot with my recent break up with my 7 month boyfriend.. tear. I just cheated and looked at his facebook, yes still facebook buddies,

bad idea? yes.
I think he's having a party soon, whoopdy-do, what am i doing, nothing? well I was thinking of going clubbing before, so maybe that this weekend just to get out as a single girl again.

SO, I read in this part that moving your room furniture and getting rid of stuff that reminds you of the person is a good step. So tonight I moved my desk on a cool angle towards on of the corners of my room :) it looks cool and it actually makes this area of my room look very different. Also the chair he used to sit in when we were talking and I was lying on my bed moved to another spot so it doesn't remind me of the past. U revamped my room! now I just have to totally clean my room there is mess everywhere. So no knitting for tonight unfortunately :(

Thanks for reading!!

Lisa xoI'll be okay... :)

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