Sunday, January 9, 2011

Done knitting the scarf :)

Hey friends :)

I am done knitting the scarf now. I just have to sew the hand pockets up at the ends of the scarf, and I'll post a picture of that tomorrow and how I made the whole scarf. It is a gift for my sister she has really wanted me to knit her one :)

yay it's done :D

As for the break up, I am doing better. I am still having doubts creep in, but thanks to my wonderful support team; my family and friends I am making progress in believing I made the right decision. Thank you all so much! :)
And thanks to you guys for commenting your support, it's helped too :) thanks

I am almost done reading "The Friday Night Knitting Club", so today at Coles I bought "Knit two", it's the sequel :) I cannot wait to finish the first one and move on to the second one, it looks great!

I can't believe how fast this weekend has gone, it slipped through my fingers. I am back at work tomorrow bright and early with the youngsters. I work in a daycare in the toddler room and open up the center at 6:45 ! early eh?

Sweet dreams,
Lisa xo

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