Monday, January 10, 2011

A night for relaxation


Hello Bloggers ♥

Tonight was a wonderful relaxation night. One of those cozy nights after work when you have no agendas, nothing you HAVE to do....
so here's how this fabulous night went down...

First, when I got home I logged onto my computer and signed onto my blog, looked around and also looked through my favorite blogs to see updates. I thought about how to make mine better. I can spend a lot of time doing this :)

Then decided, I need some cozy at home clothes and changed into my pjs and very comfortable slippers :)

Then I picked up "The Friday Night Knitting Club" and read about 10 pages until I decided to take a 30 minute nap so I wouldn't feel so sleepy. I woke up at 5:45 this morning!! :/

Then, since I live in Ontario and we have the three part drivers license [G1,G2, AND G] I booked my road test for my G [final step to getting my full license] ! so happy about that :) except it took forever to load, not just 60 seconds... gr.

Well it was a good one, tomorrow night I'll be at a work workshop and the night after, a meeting so they won't be so lovely. That's probably why I am appreciating this night so much :P

Goodnight! have a great day tomorrow :)



  1. Thank you for your nice comments over at my blog! Answering directly does not work somehow. :(

    Hope you're well rested today.

  2. Do more of this :) I love finding blogs who do little "follow me around days"


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