Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year!

Hi Everyone!

It is now 2011! I hope you all had an enjoyable
New Years Eve with friends and family.
I was getting over a break up that night which kinda sucked. I stayed home with the parents and drank "girls night out wine" which was so good. I had broken up with my boyfriend the night before because there was just something not working between us [in my opinion]. But to make matters worse, he didn't feel the same way, he was happy in the relationship. Ultimately, I had to do what was best for me. But it has still been a struggle thinking of all the good times and memories but a lot of them were more towards the
beginning of the relationship. The end was a struggle of figuring out my emotions. I lost that loving feeling by the end. *tear* but I think we'll be fine, he seems to be doing well and from the looks of his face book page, he is coping well. I am also glad he wanted to stay facebook friends, because I would never see him otherwise since we live farther away and no mutual friends. I haven't been knitting much because of it, I haven't had much motivation until today to actually get off my butt and get doing and accomplishing things.

Well I think today I'll tackle and finish the scarf and then set forth on a new project. I am still working on the book " The Friday Night Knitting Club" it is still excellent and very long, but I think I might be delaying it a bit because I like it so much ;)

HAPPY NEW YEAR! and don't let fear hold you back :)


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