Sunday, January 16, 2011

Simple Sunday

Happy Sunday, I hope you are all doing well and accomplishing the things you set out to do! I am trying today to get things done, cleaning my room, went to proactice highway driving, and according to my dad, I was excellent! :D my G test is in March, so I still have plenty of time to practice driving along and merging onto the highway..

Knitting To Do's!

I took a photo of my yarn stash this morning and decided to share it with you. I hadn't realised just how much yarn I've accumulated over the years. I see a color i like buy it, and then I guess don't use it. But I will be knitting more I assure you :)

Yarn :)
I will be knitting "tube socks" with the colorful yarn soon to start practicing knitting socks :) It's pretty !

Some knitting books I own and love :)

Have a great rest of your sunday :)


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