Thursday, March 8, 2012

Tonight's events

Hello friends,

Tonight after going for a delicious Sushi dinner (I LOVE SUSHI!) with my mom and sister, I  hung out at home and knitted and watch mtv shows.  I have been working on the sock and am pretty close to being done my first one!

I watched "friendzone" tonight on it was cute.  It's a show on MTV about people who want to surprise their friend who they have liked by confessing their love for them.  I watched two that worked out in the end but I bet there are some that don't work out quite the same. 

Tomorrow night I am gonig to YUK YUKS for my friend's birthday.  It's my first time going to a comedy club, and I am soo excited.  Plus I get to see one of my good friends that I don't see too often because she's away at school.  It will be fun :)

see you
Lisa <3

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