Saturday, March 10, 2012


Hello Followers :)

Tonight I drove a little farther to go to a Rogers since the one my family and I would usually go to shut down.  It's so long to video rental places and hello Netflix and movies on demand.  But what my family and I realized was that we missed going and picking a movie off of the shelf and a newer movie.  On Netflix there are not that many new films available and its slim pickings for good ones. 
I am looking forward to tomorrow it is said to be a warm 14 degrees sunny day.  It will be so nice to welcome the Spring after a winter with the cold air and windy days. 
I will be knitting a shamrock for St. Patrick's day :)  I have been looking on websites for a pattern to use.  I will post one tomorrow once I find the one I'll be using. 

Have a great night!

Lisa <3

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  1. Hey Lisa, I really enjoyed looking around your site. I do a show for called "My Best Idea" perhaps you would be interested in becomeing a contributor? I could send you a link as it is not on the air yet. But please feel free to e me back at, if you would like more information.

    Lisa Nee, Executive Producer
    Allen/Nee Productions
    40 Chestnut Hill Road
    Madison, CT. 06443
    (914) 381-4483


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