Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St. Patrick's Day!


I have been busy this afternoon finishing off my shamrock for St. Patrick's day.  I developed the pattern myself and below are the photos and pattern to make your very own shamrock :)


for the inidivual pieces:

cast on 10 stitches in green wool on US 10 needles.
row 1: knit entire row
row 2: knit then decrease 1 stitch
decrease every other row, then when you end up with the last stitch, tie a knot.

once you knit 6 pieces for the shamrock, then sew two pieces together to get something like the pieces shown below.  They will look like green hearts. 

Then get a knitting needle and sew the excess yarn to the bottom of the "hearts".  Hide all excess strands by weaving them into the back of the pieces.


cast on 5 stitches on US 10 needles
knit 3 rows knit stitch
decrease on the 4th row
then knit 6 rows and bind off.

Then you will have your own shamrock!

Have a safe and fun St. Patrick's day!


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