Sunday, September 20, 2009


Hey Bloggers! <3

I worked more on my baby blanket, it's 7 inches wide now. I am now stqrting on the second ball of yarn because I am done the first, it was 105 yard ball of wool.
I went to a fall craft fair yesterday with the family. It was sooo cute. I picked up a few things for my room for the Autumn season. It really inspires you to create after visiting one of these fairs. Gets you in the spirit to knit, sew, glue etc. Hope everyone is having a great Sunday afternoon, getting refreshed for the week ahead.
I am currently looking for a part time job in retail, not sure where quite yet, I had graduated from college and decided I would like to pursue further education so at the moment its just deciding time and come January I will apply.
so I am going out for some chinese food soon with my sister, she's finishing work at 5 so we were going to go out afterwards. I get to practice using chopsticks once again! (I'm useless with chopsticks haha.)
bye for now!!
much love,
Lisa ♥


  1. Thanks for stopping by, commenting, and following my blog Lisa! You are too sweet!

    Good luck with your darling baby blanket.

    Adding you to my blog list so I will definitely be stopping in often to see what you are up to. :)

  2. Hi Lisa!! So glad you stopped by my new blog today. I can't wait to see your baby blanket progress. :) I like to crochet, but I'm much too impatient to knit. I added you to my blogger list so I'll come by and check in often. Have a great day!


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