Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Fall is here and the knitting frenzy begins!

Hey Everyone!

I was knitting a lot of the baby blanket yesterday, it's consuming me! I will post pictures I just took a second ago once my camera battery charges. (got to remember to charge it!) I'm excited to finish it and give it to my new little cousin.
So how is everyone doing? it's fall now, yesterday was the Autumnal Equinox at 5:18 pm. I am loving the cooler air and the leaves changing on the trees, sorry summer lovers but fall is one of my favorite times of the year. I love to cozy up in my sweaters and it's also the best time for... knitting! so much to knit for in the fall, winter is fast approaching so we need: scarves, sweaters, gloves, cozy socks. I have to also start thinking about Christmas gifts as well, what to knit who, what colors, etc.. I think I just might knit most of my gifts this year :) well at least for my friends, that would be fun! personalized gifts :D one of my friends is a knitter herself, she's really good at it, she started fair isle knitting at one point, is that hard? I haven't tried yet. :S I'm going to try to get her to start a blog so you just might see her work too!
anyways all this talk of knitting, makes me want to knit so ttyl! off to work on the blanket!

write to you later !



  1. I LOVE the little leaf that you knitted. It's so pretty! I'm seriously thinking of buying some yarn to crotchet something.

  2. Good idea! I tried to crochet but its hard for me to learn! lol

  3. Thanks Lisa! We also went to a different zoo about a month ago and I had great pics from there too. But sadly I accidentlly deleted all of them. I tried one of the free data recovery things online but when you get to the step where you want to save all the found pictures it wanted to charge me $60. Lol, no thanks.


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