Thursday, September 24, 2009

Knitting pictures for knit lovers !

Here are some pictures, click on photo cred to see the websites where I found the pictures, enjoy!

As stated by website designboom:"german designer sebastian schoenheit is one designer trying to invigorate this craft with some contemporary flair. his ‘300’ knitted carpet which makes use of oversized needles and yarn to create a knitwork of surreal proportions. the piece is also meant to reference the process of knitting and it history."
-interesting! that would be hard hehe

Boys DO knit! haha, or did.
check out this website about the history about men knitting by clicking photo cred! it's pretty interesting!

Photo Cred
& read this interesting article about knitting coming back in style ;) at the bottom of the page, click photo cred to visit the webbie



  1. I love the oversized knitting haha and the lil updates on the sidebar =)

  2. I like the first 2 pics. That looks like one huge dishcloth. :-D


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