Friday, January 14, 2022

Friday Focus - What I Have Learned from 2021

 Hello Friends,

I hope you are doing well. Happy Friday! It is my favourite day of the week and time for my Friday Focus post. Last year sure had some struggles and some things were amazing as well for our little family.  Some of the things I have learned below are more serious and some I threw in there for fun. These past years have definitely changed us as a society and I know I am forever because of it. We were living our lives a certain way before and then this pandemic stopped everything in its tracks. Last year in 2021 so many wonderful things finally happened that I was waiting for, like getting married and adopting our kitten Millie. There have been many negatives but also positives and I will share what I learned last year.

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It's okay not to wear makeup  - I don't think of my outer appearance as much as before the pandemic. I am not going into the office daily or going out as much because of Covid. Now I am used to not putting on makeup to go out and it is actually nice not to have to. No one really sees my face under the mask anyways!

Don't sweat the small stuff -  The pandemic puts things into perspective. I think anything in comparison to dealing with a pandemic seems so small and insignificant. It is human nature that we focus on the little everyday things that frustrate us. What last year taught me with the ups and downs is to be grateful for what is going right or my way. 

I love being home - I have loved so much time at home and really enjoyed last year being home the whole year  and also working from home. We got Millie in July and it has been so amazing being home with her. I always knew I loved being home most of all, but I really have embraced that I am an introvert and this has helped me during the pandemic because I love my alone time and time just doing the things I love at home like knitting and blogging.

Time with family and friends is special and more meaningful - I have found that last year and in 2020 that made me so grateful for any time I have with family and friends. Before the pandemic we could see people whenever we wanted. In 2020 there were so many times we couldn't see people we loved and even in 2021. At the end of 2021 with Omicron we were faced with decisions once again to see family and it always happens during the holidays. 

Make lemonade out of lemons - my wedding was in September last year. We had postponed multiple times and we were so happy to finally be able to have our special day. We had a smaller wedding at the chapel we wanted and we went to a restaurant afterwards. I guess in the end I was happy it was a small wedding and felt so comfortable leading up and during the event. I was in the end in love with our wedding day and realized that it was perfect just the way it was. I would have loved having more people come to the wedding, but given the circumstances that was not possible.  We were positive and grateful for our small wedding it became a more intimate gathering and our closest family and friends. Even then we wondered if we waited longer if we could have the wedding we planned, but it was the unknown and now we are facing challenges again with Omicron and so grateful that we decided to have our wedding last year when the spread wasn't as bad.

Patience - at the beginning of 2021 I thought we would get married right away in March, then that date moved twice. We were adopting Millie from a breeder we started that process beginning of the year and finally adopted her in July due to some misunderstandings with the breeder. I had to learn to be more patient than ever because we kept having to wait. I know good things come with time and in the end we ended up with our perfect Millie and perfect wedding.

It is okay to indulge- Covid 15 or 20 is real and that is okay. With gyms closed on and off it made working out a challenge and staying in and eating way too easy. I was tough on myself sometimes for the extra pounds I gained last year, but I gave myself grace for putting on weight because we were in a different situation than ever before. Our bodies do so much good for us keeping us healthy and safe from the virus, we shouldn't beat ourselves up for 10 pounds. Now I focus on eating healthy and doing yoga more often or going for walks and feeling good.

Thank you for visiting my blog today! What were some things you learned or took from 2021? I hope that you enjoyed today's post and have a good weekend.

Have a great day!


  1. All good lessons!
    I too love to be home and thus haven't suffered as much as many others, though I'd like to see people more.
    I never wore much makeup, but I do miss wearing things other than jeans and sweats. But it feels weird to put on a skirt to stay home!

  2. So nice written your self expressions. Very nice do doing work. You always spent your time with family _ friends. I like.


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