Sunday, June 14, 2020

My Weekend in Quarantine & an Update on my Plants

Hello Friends,

I hope you are doing well. This weekend flew by! I had a Facetime call with my family on Saturday and picked up groceries. Today I had a Facebook messenger chat with my friends, it worked out pretty well and I like the fun filters you can add to your face. I worked on the cat puzzle off and on as I passed by and picked up pieces. I am finding the parts of the puzzle with flowers challenging because they all look the same. But bit by bit, it is coming together.

A game that I have been loving lately is Unlock!  Liam and I played this a couple of times now and it is so much fun. However for the Squeek and Sausage game we got stuck on part of it and we'll be coming back to that one but might try another one soon.

I knitted more of the Sunshine on my Feet sock pattern by the Kitchen Sink Shop. I am working on the second sock of the pair now and I should be done this week.

I haven't updated on my plants lately, but I have a new addition to my plant family I shared on Instagram yesterday. I got this cute little succulent last weekend and it has been doing well. I really love how succulents look, I hope I can take care of this one properly I have not had the best of luck with succulents.

I bought these beautiful flowers today at Metro and really love having fresh flowers in the kitchen now each week it really makes me feel happier.

The philodendron is growing more and the small one beside it is the baby from a cutting I once did.  These plants are so easy to take care of and I love the process of cutting and growing more.

I also got this little one from Metro (I mostly shop at Metro these days!) It is so cute I love the pot and they seem to be doing well with a little spray of water once a week.

My bamboo plant is doing well and thriving. I love this plant and I add water when it is low which is almost everyday and it keeps healthy and vibrant. I have had this one for a few years now.

My African violent hasn't flowered for quite some time. It was in the kitchen for quite awhile which doesn't get as much light, so I moved it to the living room and hoping it gets more light there. Lighting is very hard to get when living in a basement apartment, but I still try because I love to have plants around.

I also have a peace lily and it really has been suffering. It looked great for so long, but it hasn't flowered for a long time now. Now most  the leaves have died off, but I was actually quite relieved and amazed that some of it actually survived. I pulled the dead leaves out today, so the plant that is still alive can grow more and have a chance. 

Thank you for visiting my blog today. I hope that you had a great weekend and have a good week ahead. How was your weekend?


  1. Love all your indoor plants. Unlock looks fun. We have been doing lots of puzzles too.

  2. I think you have a greener thumb than me, or you remember to water more often that I do....ha ha ha.


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