Saturday, April 27, 2019

Marie Kondo Method: Time to Tidy Up

Hello Friends,

I hope you are doing well. I feel like Spring is in the air today in Toronto and with that I have been in the mood for doing some Spring cleaning of our apartment. I was watching Marie Kondo's show on Netflix today and watched two episodes and then felt inspired to clean up my apartment. Liam and I have also been talking about moving in the near future, so it would be great to go through our stuff and give away what we don't need before we start planning to move to a house with even more space to stash our things.I absolutely love her method as she tackles each area: clothes, books, miscellaneous or as Kondo calls them "Komono", and sentimental belongs in groups of items so you go through groups of things in categories at the same time and bring them all into the same space to go through them. I think this method works best for me and a lot of people because it brings all the same items together to look through instead of going room by room and having a bit of each group of items to go through multiple times. The method also encourages you to keep like items together once you organize them and decide what to keep.

Today I started tackling my clothes and I folded my clothes using her method and stored the clothes neatly in the drawer. I hung up dresses and blouses in the closet and had so much less when I was done. I can also see my clothes when I look in the drawers instead of trying to find them in the jumble of clothes. It also made me more aware of what clothes I actually like or what"sparks joy"which is her expression, and how easy it was to throw some clothes in the giveaway that I had been passively wearing just because it was there and not because I liked wearing it.

I suggest you pick up a copy of her book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo. Her method is explained each step very thoroughly with tips on how to give away items in each category. I remember her section on books and it has resonated with me ever since and I think of only keeping books that I love or I know I will read again. I will start this more seriously once I go through the books and end up with only books I will re-read or love.I am looking forward to working on my books next. Last year when I started this method I got through my clothes and made it halfway through the book process because I got stuck on giving them away. This time I will be more tough on myself to ask myself if I will read them again and if not then I should give them away so someone else can enjoy them.

Have you tried the Marie Kondo method to tidying up? if yes, did it work for you?

Thank you for visiting my blog today. I will be back soon with some knitting related content and hope you enjoyed this post. I will be sharing a post each week for the next few weeks with progress on using this tidying/organizing method, and how it works for me. I plan to be done this process by May 11th, 2019 and will share my final results with you.


  1. Many people are following Kondo's method. My son is - just for the underwear and t-shirts, it's tidier but he still favours the 'scattered floored-robe method' too! I've come to a stop with decluttering but must get started again. All the best Cx

  2. We learn something new everyday....
    Have fun !
    And a shinny week !

  3. Yes, I have seen Kondo's show and read her book. Both were good. I agree with almost everything she professes - and a lot of what she says is over-lapped by other authors on this topic. What sets her apart from them primarily is her focus on folding techniques. I personally could not get inspired by folding and arranging my clothing, as I knew I could not keep that up for long. But all her other ideas were ones I could adopt. Coming from Japan, her book had the flavor of a culture where living space was limited, material belongings must be limited and simplicity in the home was a part of history. I am glad to see those ideas spilling over into our culture where excess is the norm. It is very true that clutter adds to stress just by its being.

  4. I need to read the book (I do own it!) and watch the show. My house is a disaster. I have a hard time cleaning/decluttering. I'd rather be making something or hanging out with friends.

  5. I read the book and enjoyed the book but didn't clear anything out of my house...but then my house is constantly being cleared out since I don't horde too much of anything.


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