Saturday, May 4, 2019

KonMari Method: Tidying up my Books

Hello Friends,

I hope you are doing well. I had a good week. Liam and I went to see the movie Avengers Endgame on Wednesday night and I really enjoy it. It was such a good movie I recommend seeing it if you haven't the storyline was heartfelt and there was a lot of thought that went into it.  I am still working on the Marie Kondo method of cleaning up called the KonMari Method. This morning I went through all of my books.

I have two shelves of books in my living room and I have two shelves of books and had so many that I had not looked at for years. I had 100 books and brought it down to 43 books. I kept only the ones that I will read again for reference or sparked joy.

Below are photos of the books I had before I started sorting through them and deciding what to keep and what to give away.  I sorted them into the categories: general, reference, and magazines. I found some children's books from my childhood so I put those aside for when I go through sentimental items. I also had some notebooks mixed in the piles and put the aside.

Pile of all of the books: before
 Below is a photo of the books I decided to keep. I chose some based on wanting to finish reading them, some because they brought up good memories and I wanted to read them again, and some for reference to go back to such as cookbooks, knitting books, and some self help books to reread.

Pile of books I am keeping: after
 The books below I chose not to keep because I either did not enjoy the book, bought it a long time ago and still did not read it, read it and will not read it again, or it just did not spark joy when I picked it up.
Giveaway pile of books: after
I forgot to take before photos of the shelves, but below are photos of the shelves after I put the books back onto them. The first photo are all books I am keeping and they are visible to guests and open in the living room. I will also be going through the items in the baskets at the bottom there is wool in the left basket and there are DVDs in the bottom basket I had barely looked at for years so I will be going through those soon as well.

Shelf after

The shelf in the photo below has books I decided to keep but also some other books to either give back to family members and some sentimental children's books on the middle shelf. The bottom shelf are miscellaneous and sentimental items I still have to go through. I will share what the shelf looks like when I am completely done the KonMari method  and have gone through all of the stages. This shelf was jam packed before with no extra space between the books and I was even starting to stack books on top of the books standing upright. It is a big change and I look forward to clearing the shelf even more to be able to store things properly and only things I really want to keep instead of just having a lot of stuff to try to hide behind the doors.

Shelf after with some things to still sort through
I also had a stack of books forming on my bedside table shelf and decided that I will keep only one book and one magazine there from now on so I can easily access what I want to read and not have a wobbly stack of books there that topple over.

Thank you for visiting and seeing the updates in my organizing process. There is still a lot to go through and today I will be taking books and clothing to the Salvation army to drop off, so we have more space and are a bit freer from the clutter. Hope you enjoyed seeing my process and I am so excited to continue on and clear more of my clutter away to just have things I love and use.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Well done with the decluttering, it's not easy. It takes time and a strong will to let things go. I really must get back to it as my bedroom is a right state, with boxes piled up one end of the room. Cathy x

  2. I admire your success in culling your books! My children always say they were raised in a library -- and it's true. Books are everywhere in our house. I have culled a lot of the fiction, but I am accumulating more books on crafts and art. Half Price Books and Library sales are just so seductive!

  3. I have so many books....but for me, they are never "to much"...
    Have a nice week !

  4. You are inspiring me, but I'll try to hold off for now :) Love seeing your process!

  5. It's such a lovely feeling to get rid of the stuff you don't rally need, why do we buy so much? I did a huge de clutter of my books when I moved and now I only borrow from the library or if I buy I pass it on once I've read it. Craft books are a different story and from them I won't be parted haha, have a great week. xx

  6. Can I borrow some books?? :)


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