Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Neck warmer in progress..and new Florence and the machine song

Hello friends,

I have been knitting away at the classic cabled throw but also this gray hat turned neck warmer.  I ended up making it into a neck warmer because I misjudged how wide my head was haha.  It is turning out pretty good. I just wanted to share the progress with you and I hope to post some updates of the cable throw tomorrow! 

destined to keep my neck warm in the winter of 2013.
And.. if you are a Florence and the Machine fan like me, they have a new song out now part of the Great Gatsby soundtrack. Which is a movie I am looking forward to seeing.  I love their sound, their songs are always so full of emotion and she has such a strong voice. 
Have a listen,  I think it sounds great :)

Thanks for visiting!! I always appreciate the support :)


  1. Lisa! :)

    Knitting is not nearly as forgiving as crochet is I've found. I like to knit because I can watch tv and not look at my hands while doing it, but it doesn't work up as fast as crochet items. All to say bummer about the misjudging measurements - but way to go you making it work for ya! :)

    And aside from knitting and crafting, we have liking Florence and the Machine in common too! :)

    SO glad to be following you :). Until next time! ♥ Dawn

  2. That neck warmer is looking so adorable! I really love the color, cannot wait to see it all done!


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