Saturday, April 20, 2013

Knitting Classic Cabled Throw

Hello friends,

It has been a pretty intense week watching news on the two Boston bombings and hoping that the death tolls wouldn’t rise which I am so grateful they didn’t.  I was watching the news all last night and sitting on the edge of my seat as they were searching for the second brother who was involved in the bombings.   My condolences go out to the families involved in the bombing and I am hoping that those hurt are in good hands and make a good recovery.
In other news I tried hot yoga again for a second time at my local gym.  I really enjoyed it and I went with a friend of mine from work who introduced me to it.  I think I will be going more often because I think the benefits of going to hot yoga are probably really good for you to release the toxins from your body regularly.

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I signed up for the Toronto Color Me Rad run that is taking place in June.  I am excited because I am going with my sister and my best friend Leeanna.  I am looking forward to trying something new.  So far I have done two 5k runs so this will be my third run.  Basically as you run people throw colored cornstarch onto you and when you complete the run you will be covered in paint. On the website they describe the color they throw on you as "non-toxic, non-rash-inducing, Kroger branded, colored corn-starch."(link) It looks pretty cool.

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I have started knitting a Cabled classic throw and am onto row 11 now.  I hope to have it completed for before my sister goes away to University.  I want her to use it on those chilly nights studying. 

I also have some baby doll knitting to do.  At the childcare center  where I am currently working we are waiting for some baby clothes.  It is handy to have the knitting skill at this point because I can step in and knit some hats and blankets and booties for the baby for the time being.  I will post photos when I am done knitting them !

I hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. Lisa! I'm so thankful they apprehended the 2nd suspect on Friday - it was surreal watching the news and hearing how the manhunt was unfolding. I'm so thankful they didn't have to keep everyone in their homes for too long before finding suspect #2. What a relief! And how awesome are our police huh? ;)

    Good for you trying hot yoga! I sweat just thinking about working out so I've never been inclined to try that workout venue. I'm glad to hear you are liking it! :)

    Oh and I can't wait to see this cable throw work up! :) I appreciate that you use neutral colors (gray, white & cream) when you work up a project. Those colors are so pretty :). Best, Dawn

  2. what a crazy week it has been in Boston...glad we can start returning to normal.

    good luck with your blanket- i'm sure it will turn out beautiful!


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