Sunday, April 14, 2013

DIY: Easter and Spring Wreaths

Hello friends,

I have a simple DIY for you today.  Since it is spring I feel the need to have flowers around in my décor.  I decided to make something fresh for Spring today.  I glued flowers onto wood wreaths and really enjoyed the process and being able to glue them wherever I wanted as I went along.  I also liked the way they turned out and hung them on my wall in my bedroom.  Below I posted the instructions so you could make your own.  Enjoy!

Here are the instructions:

If you want to make an Easter wreath you can buy an egg from Michaels

buy some fake flower arrangements from your local craft store and pull the flowers off of the stems.  

buy wooden wreaths from your local craft store. You can buy them in different sizes small or large.

Glue the flowers onto the wreath 

to get this...


and this..
final product (Spring one without egg)

Then you have your wreath!




  1. Could you get any cuter!? :) This is a wonderful tutorial! I hope you and yours had a wonderful Easter Lisa! :) Best, Dawn


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