Saturday, January 30, 2010

Value Village Saturday


I hope you have all enjoyed your Saturday and are well.

I went to Value Village today and found a lot of things I liked. Here's what I bought..

Some toys from Disney Movies, Bambi and Toy Story

Isn't this lovely?

A mug with the word love in different languages: French= amor, African= upendo, Dutch= liefe, Danish= elskov, Italian=ti amo, and so on...

An owl, I actually found one!

Spice rack, I will soon use for craft items, like beads, paint, yarn, buttons, etc. :D I was so excited to find this!

Chinese Buffet "All you can eat" Golden Pug tin can, love it

Hope all of you are having a creative evening, take care!

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  1. i could think of so many uses for that spice rack...good find


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