Sunday, January 31, 2010

Happy Sunday


Today I got crafty right before heading off on yet another shopping spree. This is apparently the weekend for shopping. I hadn't planned on shopping all weekend, it just seemed to happen that way. Anyways, I made this cloud and raindrops right before I left with the family to shop.

Cloud and raindrops creation

I used blue and gray felt, bought from the dollar store and light pink thread to sew up the ends. First I cut out two cloud shapes out of the gray felt, then sewed them together and then stuffed the inside with poly-fil. I then used the same light pink thread to hang the raindrops from the cloud.

Then once I got back from the mall, I made this picture line, inspired by one I saw at pottery barn today while shopping. It does the trick, I love how I can easily just add or take away a photo, I love the new addition to my room.

clothing line in my room for pictures

Hope you all have a good rest of the weekend !

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