Friday, January 29, 2010


It's Friday :)

I am so happy it's Friday because this week, while working at the daycare, I have gotten a horrible cold that I just cannot shake. I have a sore throat, stuffed up nose and sneezing every 5 minutes. I am hoping I can rest up this weekend and hopefully it will go away for next week...

But, it's the weekend! so i'll have time to shake this :)
I watched "All about Steve" tonight, it was hilarious, I recommend this one if you want something funny and light to watch one night. Also if there's someone you like who doesn't really like you back, funny play on that... you'll see ;)

Bradley Cooper and Sandra Bullock from "All About Steve"

Tomorrow I am planning on thrifting :) there's a value village nearby that I want to check out to see what the latest items are in to scrounge. I am looking for some owl things, interested in owls right now, some dears, and just older vintage feel items to decorate my room.

I also want to create! this is something that I look forward to doing at night during the week. Last weekend I knitted most of the time and finished the cellphone holder... this weekend I will be working on knitting another one for myself, and maybe something else.

Have a great Friday night :)

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