Sunday, May 3, 2020

Day 47 of Social Distancing

Hello Friends,

I hope you are doing well and are safe. I count it day 47 social distancing for me because it has been since March 16th that I started working from home full-time and practicing social distancing when going out. It is the weekend of my would-have-been wedding if not for the virus. We had to postpone the wedding to the Fall. I am hopeful that the pandemic will have died down a bit by then and my wedding venue will be reopened. Yesterday was raining in the afternoon, so that made me feel better about not having it that day. It would have affected taking photos outside. It has been a journey of acceptance and moving forward in our new plans. Yesterday my mom and dad stopped by for a visit and we were standing 6 feet apart and just catching up. I gave them some chocolates and also some for my sister and brother- in-law. They gave me flowers and wine. My fiancé's mom also had flowers delivered to us on Friday, so we have a lot of pretty flowers to look at to lift our spirits. The tall flowers are from my family in the vase and the shorter basket was from my fiancé's mom.

 I recently cleared the island/table in our kitchen and added the tulips the other day. Now I have added the flowers my family got us to the corner. I just love this corner now that there are fresh flowers and the sign that makes it an inviting space. The bon appétit sign was given to us from my sister and I love how it looks in the space and ties it all together nicely. The menu board also is fun addition I have had for some time, but really stands out now with the new arrangement. I think that working on this corner in the kitchen we have has made a big impact on me when walking into the kitchen, I enjoy it so much more with the added sign and flowers and fruit in baskets.

Today it was so beautiful outside, I went for a 20 minute walk this morning. I love the sun shining and blue skies. It makes me feel so much better and less holed up at home when I can still get out for a walk. I have been doing this so much more as the weather gets nicer and warmer outside. I have been keeping up with exercise while in quarantine and do workouts almost every morning during the week. It has been great to keep working out to feel good even while in quarantine.

I have been working on the Merry Fair Isle Knit ornament from Patons and very close to being done. I knitted more this past week and should be finishing it up soon. Maybe tomorrow because I have a day off work to just do things around here.

I am still reading Good Morning, Good Life by Ana Schmittauer Landino. It is such a good book, I like her tips on calendar blocking which is blocking out time for getting things done and scheduling time to work on your goals. I am still reading The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood. It is an amazing book I love it!

I still don't know when I will be returning to the office, but so far working from home has been going well for me and I am enjoying it. I would be happy working from home full-time if that was an option or maybe go in once and awhile to see people. So I will continue on with social distancing until we hear when we should return to normal life. So far, I have been enjoying the extra time to work on my hobbies and catch up on some Spring cleaning.

Hope that you are doing well and thank you for visiting today! How was your weekend?


  1. Hi Lisa ! I'm so sorry that you had to postpone your weeding...You must be patient and enjoy the moment with philosophy.
    The bouquets are beautiful and it was kind to your family to sent you those flowers.
    Have a nice week !

    1. Thank you Anna! It was hard to postpone but we are hoping October is better. Hope you have a good week too!

  2. I am so so so sorry you postponed the wedding I'd give you a hug if I could. I have dear friends who has a son that cancelled an April wedding. They can't reschedule because they are relocating in the summer. It was heartbreaking! Anyways, I will pray fall is better than ever and virus free for you!!

  3. Thank you Karen! That is too bad your friend's son also had to postpone their wedding. It is a hard thing to do and sad they couldn't reschedule. It has really affected so many lives. Thank you :) I hope it is better too!

  4. Hello there Lisa, what a lovely blog you have. I am so sorry to hear about your wedding. I have a friend who has had to do the same and this weekend we were all going to surprise her with a weekend away at a spa hotel - It seems a bit surreal that it's not happening! Thank you for popping by my little bit of the internet x Stay safe x

    1. Hello thank you! That's too bad that your friend had to cancel their wedding as well it is really hard to do especially when you really look forward to the day. You're welcome I enjoyed visiting your blog too! Hope you stay safe too


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