Saturday, December 21, 2019

DIY Yarn Tree-Blogmas Day 21

Hello Friends,

I hope you are doing well. Today I went to spend time with my Fiancé's family and we exchanged gifts and had dinner. I enjoyed our time together catching up and sharing stories. It was a busy day and I finished up this DIY yarn tree this morning before we left. I found the idea from Dear Lillie Studio. It is perfect for both a winter theme DIY or a Christmas theme. I like its simplicity and there is room for creativity in adding decorations to it to dress it up, or you can leave it as is as a simple tree.

  1. Foam tree. I got one at Michaels but they are sold at many craft stores or dollar stores.
  2. Craft glue. I used clear craft glue
  3. Yarn: in the color and texture of your choice. I used Loops & Threads Impeccable worsted weight yarn in the colorway 'Deep forest'.
  4. Scissors to cut the yarn

 I placed a napkin down to protect my table. I put glue down on the cone, then wrapped the yarn on top of the glue as I kept wrapping it around the cone. At first it got quite messy as I added the glue then placed the yarn on top, then I started putting the glue down and gently patting the yarn down and that worked better. On the Dear Lillie Studio blog, they put just a bit of glue at the bottom then wrap up and put glue at the top, then wrap down and add more glue if you would like to use less glue you can also do it that way.

 Once I got to the top of the cone, I added some glue and then wrapped the yarn in a circle until I got to the middle and it was fully covered. Then I cut the yarn and glued the end into the middle.

 I let the first part dry overnight as the glue was still wet. Then I added yarn to the bottom of the cone. You can leave the bottom of the tree and not add yarn if you would like. I added glue in circles and then just winded the yarn around in circles until I got to the middle, then added glue and cut the yarn and stuck it down in the middle.

Then you have your finished tree! You can make more trees the same size, different sizes,  different colors, and then group them together to make a bunch. I might buy more for next year to have more together and in different colors. It was a fun project and very nice to make while listening to Christmas music leading up to Christmas.

Thank you for visiting my blog for Blogmas day 21! We are 4 more days until Christmas now and I am so excited for the day to be here. Christmas is my favourite day of the year and I really try my best to savor this time. I hope that you are enjoying Christmas festivities with family and friends.

Have a great day!

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  1. Very nice! I still have the one we did with paper tissue :)


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