Saturday, July 28, 2018

Trip to New York City and a Few WIPs

Hello Friends,

I hope you are doing well. My boyfriend and I recently went on a five day tip to New York City. It was so fun to see the sights and eating at different restaurants. I met up with my friend who was also going to New York at the end of the week. I thought I would share some photos from our trip below and also some photos of the knitting projects I am working on will be right at the end of the photos.

There was a sculpture called the LOVE sculpture at W 55th St & 6th Avenue and people were actually lining up to get photos in front of the sign. Of course we had to get in line to get this photo too.
Photo of us infront of the LOVE sculpture.

On our first day in New York City we took this photo while in Times Square. It was so hot that day and so busy! It was fun looking around and ducking into stores for air conditioning every so often.

Liam and I before hopping on the ferry to go to visit the statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.

 We went to a great pizza place called PN Wood Fired Pizza on 2 W 28th St. The photo I took is dark and not so great but the pizza was delicious!

 We had to visit the Statue of Liberty and I am always amazed and look up in awe every time I see her. This time we walked around the grounds with audio devices so we learned a lot about the beginnings of the statue of liberty and the impact she has had.

 Liam and I in front of the New York City skyline. It is so beautiful and it was such a perfect day for taking the ferry and being by the water.

 We went to pay respects to those who died on September 11th, 2001. We went to ground zero and went up to both of the fountains. I really looked at some of the names and took in the huge loss of all of those individuals who died. There were some paper flowers placed into some of the names and I read on a plaque that when it is their birthday, carnations are placed on their names to celebrate them which is so sweet.

We went to the 9/11 Memorial Museum. This was a highlight to the trip for me. I really enjoyed going through the museum which was built underground and there were still some remains of the building structure intact way down there and a supportive wall to help block water from damaging the World Trade Center towers. When you are down there, you really stop and think of how many lives this affected and how surreal it all still is that this was a place where people went to work everyday and it lingered with me the rest of the day. When we took the subway back afterwards, I thought of the people who took the subway home after working at the World Trade Center everyday who are no longer with us. The photo below was my favorite artifact and has graffiti on it and photos of firemen who died. It was a remaining support beam from the wreckage.

 Later that night we went to meet up with my friend who was also in New York City on vacation visiting a friend. We went for dinner at Beyond Sushi on 229 E 14th St. This is a vegan sushi place. It was very good. We ordered sushi rolls and dumplings to share.

 We went to Central Park on our last full day in the city and it was so nice to walk around and look at nature.

 We went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and one of the highlights was the room where they displayed fashion and gowns. This one stood out to me and so many others snapping photos of her. The dress is gorgeous and the gold headpiece was amazing and love the wings. The photo below was a wedding dress by John Galliano of the House of Dior.

 On our final day in New York, we went to the Nintendo store. I really enjoyed going there because I have always enjoyed playing Mario games growing up and today.

This DK looks like he wants to start a fight with my boyfriend, and that kid on the stairs is cute

Toadstool and Luigi!

 For my knitting, I have really been enjoying knitting the first finger-less mitten and loving how easy and fast I can knit it up. It has been perfect company for when I am binge watching The Handmaid's Tale.

 I have not worked on the decadent sock since the last post. I will be working on it more this week.

I finished knitting the two pieces of the tank top by Wool and the Gang. I have to sew the seams together to complete the top.

Thank you so much for stopping by today! I hope that you are all enjoying your weekend so far and have a great day! 


  1. Great pictures ! Your trip was a success !
    Have a fun with your new project !

    1. Thank you Anna! We had a great time. Hope you are having a good weekend

  2. Lisa, your trip to NYC looks amazing, there is just so much to see and enjoy there. Glad you had a wonderful time.

    1. Thank you Meredith! Yes I could have spent longer there there is so much more to do and I love the city.

  3. Looks like you had a perfect trip! Isn't it great when you can be someplace long enough to see so much?

    We visited the WTC memorial when we were last there as well. I think seeing all of the individual names were what made me realize that actual human cost of that day.

    1. Thank you Bridget! It was the perfect trip we both had a wonderful time. It was great to spend a week there it wouldn't have been long enough to do a couple of days so I am really glad we took the time off to spend more time there. I agree, being up close to the fountains and seeing the names really affected me and I made sure I took it in and thought of the individuals who died that day.

  4. what fun! I love NYC (and Boston) and the museums!! Looks like you had a great time :)

    1. Thank you Karen! I love the city there is a lot to see and it is so vibrant and exciting. I loved going to the Met we could have spent another two hours there we didn't even see everything. We had a wonderful time :)

  5. It has been a very long since I visited NYC. I actually went a year after 9/11. I am looking forward to going back to see the WTC memorial.
    You visited some great places- now I really want to go back.
    Your knitting looks amazing!
    FYI- you are so pretty, love. :)

    1. Thank you for visiting Andi! I would recommend going to the WTC memorial it is a good experience being up close to the artifacts and being there. I felt like it was paying respects to those who died and they really did a good job at building that museum we had a great time. Thank you Andi I have been working on them slowly but surely. Aw thanks :)


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