Thursday, May 31, 2018

Self Care and Life Balance

Hi Friends,

I hope you are doing well. I have been busy with work, helping my sister with wedding plans as her Maid of Honor, and working on knitting projects and reading goals.

Lately I have been thinking more about self care  and creating a more positive routine for myself during the week and accomplishing more of what I would like to do. Last year I was at home, taking online courses, knitting, and blogging. Returning to work makes me think of purposefully taking time for self care and after having not worked full time in a few years, it requires more effort to get back into it. I have recently been reflecting on what self care practices I used then and now and have noticed lately that I am getting back into some of my older self care habits and tricks that help me to keep balanced. So I thought I would love to chat with you about them. Below are some things I have been up to lately to take care of myself and to learn and grow and to be my best self.

Listening to audio books:  I have really been looking into reading and listening to more books on personality, goals, and self care. I have been thinking that going back to work has brought back a need for me time and reflection in the evenings and mornings. I listened to a wonderful audiobook called What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast: A Short Guide to Making Over Your Mornings and Life by Laura Vanderkam. I took this book out from the online library because I have been thinking more about morning routines and how it is so important to starting your day off right. Through reading this book, I learned that mornings can be such an important time of the day for many people to get in their exercise, reading, journaling, spiritual practices, professional development and more.  I love my mornings before work because as I prepare my breakfast and meals for the day, I think about the day ahead as I sip my coffee and mentally prepare myself. I have been thinking of ways be more productive and to make the most of my mornings before work. I listened to this audiobook on my drive to work and realized that would be a great time to learn new things and to prepare for the day on my drive. In the audiobook, the author suggests to write a time log for a week to see how you use your time and ways you can be more productive. I would love to also do that. I would love to read and knit more because that is a big priority for me and to also make more time to blog. I will be incorporating more of these into my morning routine.

Reading: I finished reading the book Reading People by Anne Bogel and enjoyed learning about the personality tests you can take to learn more about your personality. I think this book would be more helpful for someone who has taken these tests before and can learn more about your type. But I also thought for someone like me with some knowledge of personality types, it provided me with more information on the tests you can do and it kept my interest. It also made me want to take one of the tests by a professional as suggested in the book. So reading has been helping me keep my balance and providing me with some more information on different personalities and that we are not all the same and to accept others for who they are and to accept yourself for who you are. I like to learn and also grow in my awareness of myself, my abilities, and also weaknesses. Reading books like these have been helping me to look inwards and to understand myself and others more.

Watching YouTube videos about self care: Like blogging, vlogs can offer a window into the lives of others and you can learn so many new tips and tricks from what works for them. I like to see what others do for their self care routines and they inspire me to really think about how I treat myself each day and how I can be better. Rowena Tsai has a wonderful YouTube channel and she posts videos on self care and talks about self care frequently. I stumbled onto her channel when I was browsing trending videos on YouTube one night and so glad I did because she inspires me to take my time to care for myself and to be more positive. I am sure there are so many other vloggers to discover too that promote self care and motivate us to be our best selves.

Reading affirmations: I have also been reading affirmations some mornings to help me start the day off right and positive. One that I have been reading for the past couple weeks (when I remember) is "Today is a gift and I am blessed to be here. Today will be a positive day". I got this affirmation off Pinterest one day and it was pinned from Louise Hudson's blog. She has a lot of other wonderful affirmations to start or end your day positively. Starting my day with an affirmation like the one below will remind me to be true to myself, support myself and be kinder to myself.

An affirmation to to promote self love. Photo source

Knitting: I had to include my favorite hobby in this list because knitting has always helped me to relax, set goals, and be positive. It allows me to focus my mind on the task and to also feel accomplished when I finished a project and learn something new. I knit at night while watching TV or YouTube videos or just simply with my thoughts.

And being with my cats is always nice

Some things I would like to work on and work back into my routine are: writing monthly goals, writing in a journal, and exercising regularly.

Please let me know in the comments below how you keep balanced and when you feel a bit off or need to connect with yourself what are some things that you do. I will be posting soon on my progress on my current knitting projects and reading.

Hope you have a great day!


  1. Great Post Lisa! :) Self care is so important and I'm realizing that more now than ever as well. We need to take time for ourselves to be our best. Thanks for sharing xx

    1. Thanks! Yes it is so important and I am trying to learn more about what makes me feel happy and helps me de-stress. I agree it is important to take the time for ourselves in order to be our best selves. Thanks for visiting and commenting!

  2. I love your list and your focus on the positive (and I see a vacation reading photo perhaps). I stayed home all day yesterday doing all the things I love and it was restorative and FUN.

    1. Thank you Karen! yeah that reading picture was from the Dominican Republic last year. That's great you spent time at home doing the things you love that is great for self care and enjoyable. I love days at home on the weekend to get things done like knitting, reading, and blogging. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Great list. I think all of those things are brilliant for self care and life balance.
    I do tend to try to ensure that I am taking care of myself. I ensure that I am reading or doing puzzles to stimulate my mind and memory. Of course knitting is my ultimate indulgence/necessity. Also eating well and planning meals. I think a bit part of my self care is to ensure I am fueling my body and mind with nourishing foods.

    1. Thank you for sharing Andi! Those are also great things to do for yourself. I agree it is so important to meal plan and to be thoughtful on how we are fueling our bodies in order to feel our best!


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