Saturday, January 27, 2018

House Plant Updates and Knitting Plans

Hello Friends,

I hope you are doing well. I have not spoken about my plants in awhile and I am pleased to give an update. My philodendron is growing really nicely and I am so happy to see it thriving especially in the winter. My mom had cut off part of her own philodendron and had placed it in a cup of water, then when it was large enough, moved it to this pot to gift it to me.


My Rhoeo plant is doing very well and standing tall since I tied it to that wooden stick. It had been leaning over and looking sad and I had blogged about it in the post here. I am happy when looking back at the first photo from April 2017 and then now January 2018 it has grown so much! I was thinking it might be time to put it into a new pot since it is growing taller. What do you think?

Rhoeo in April 2017
Rhoeo in January 2018

The peace lily is doing well although it has not been flowering as well lately and more of it's leaves are turning brown. I think maybe I need to give it more water but not sure. I think that it will also benefit from the Spring and Summer sunshine.

Peace lily

My African violets are doing okay, but have not been looking so healthy lately I am thinking it is either because they are not getting enough water, or it is cold by the window. I lost one that had not been flowering and looked less healthy than the others for some time. It had always been the smallest and not flowering and I kept watering it until it eventually gave up recently. I also had to toss out my Aloe plant because it wasn't looking too good and its leaves kept falling off or rotting at the bottom.

African violets

 Succulents are supposed to be easy to take care of and they are, but mine always end up looking more stretched out than when I purchased them. I read that they stretch when they are reaching toward the sun. Mine definitely must have been reaching a lot!


I also still have the bamboo plant my sister gave to me when I moved out and into the apartment with my boyfriend in the city. It is doing well and thriving too. I just water it when it is low on water and I love how bamboo plants are so easy to take care of.


I was gifted three beautiful pots for Christmas from my sister's fiance and hoping to find some more plants to put into them soon. I will update you on which plants I choose to put into the pots and also show you how the plants are doing. If you would like to read some older posts on my plants, please click here for the link to see all the posts related to plants.

This weekend I will be continuing to work on knitting the Wool and the Gang Farrah Billie Jean top. It is coming along nicely however I need to frog a recent row I knitted because the tension is looser and it looks noticeably different to me anyways. I am looking forward to finishing the first piece so I can move onto the back piece.

I ordered some more of the Manos Del Uruguay yarn in the colorway Happy to knit another pair of fingerless gloves for someone. They were actually out of stock in all of the yarn shops in Toronto and so I ordered some from a shop in Ottawa called Wool Tyme. I am so glad they had some in stock. I guess I chose yarn that is not always in stock. I spoke to someone at one of the yarn stores and she said the Manos yarn gets shipped in boxes here and they are not always in stock and some of the yarns are hard to come by. It is a lovely yarn and by searching for it and doing some research, I learned that the yarn is actually hand painted! Manos Del Uruguay is a non profit organization which employs rural women in Uruguay to make the yarn and paint it and it gives them this employment opportunity. It feels even more special to me now wearing the mittens.

Thank you for stopping by my blog today, I hope that you all enjoy your weekend and have lots of time for crafting, and knitting/crocheting. I am also hoping to get some reading done on the book Wild by Cheryl Strayed this weekend and hopefully finish it! 

Have a great day!


  1. Your plants look lovely and so does your knitting Lisa. Have a great weekend.

  2. Your plants are lovely. I would like to have some, but I think our kitten would view them as playgrounds.
    Manos is a great company, and they do make lovely yarn. I don't think any of the stores around here sell it, though.

    1. Thank you! It is so much harder having plants with kittens or cats who like to eat them! We always had to put plants way up on top of the fridge so our cats would not eat them. I love Manos yarn now, but it does seem hard to get your hands on it quickly though.

  3. You're good at plant keeping! Any plant that lives here has to tolerate extreme drought and over watering since I cannot get it right! love your knitting and yay for yarn ordering!

    1. Thank you! Haha I sometimes feel bad when they are drooping because life got busy or I have been away for a bit.

  4. I Love Manos yarn! So soft & always such pretty colors. Your philodendron made me laugh thinking about my own. I took a cutting from my mom's & somehow managed to root it upside down in water. It grew roots and I planted it in dirt, but it took 6 years for it to grow enough that I could bend it over and let it re-root itself so that the new part would grow in the right direction.

    1. Yes I really love how soft it is and the color of the yarn I used and it was so amazing to find out the yarn I was using was hand painted. Haha that is funny! That is good it finally re-rooted itself and is growing in the right direction now!


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