Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Blogmas: Finished Knitting Mitten Ornament, Knitting Updates, & Reading On

Hello Friends,

I hope that you are doing well. I have been working on finishing up with my Office Administration courses. They are all done next week which is hard to believe and I have started the job search process and will be looking for a new job in the new year. I have also been busy finishing up knitting my mitten ornament to decorate the Christmas tree. I used the pattern called Mitten Ornament by Red Heart on Ravelry.  I have been working on finishing up that second stocking as well. Today I enjoyed a nice cup of hot chocolate while I was knitting and writing my blog post.

Finished mitten ornament and stocking in progress

Love this mug I got around Christmas last year 
Mitten ornaments on the tree

Obsessed with the cinnamon buns I got from IKEA, there aren't many left!
 I have not knitted much on the Wool and the Gang Farrah top because it is hard to tell from the photo but I think I messed up the tension halfway through because there is a space at the back so I will be frogging about half of this. I need to figure out the technique of how to put a needle through just to before the mistake happened so I don't have a lot of work to do finding all of the stitches again.

Wool and the Gang Farrah Billie Jean top front piece progress
 I did not really post a progress post on the vegan challenge, so I will just update quickly in this post. I did the Challenge 22+ last month for 22 days and it went well. The final day though, I did cheat and had cheese. I enjoyed the challenge because it showed me how many options there are other than animal products to eat and that I don't have to order food with cheese all over it all the time and make some small changes. At this time however, I do not think I will be going vegan anytime soon. I love the whole vegan community and what they are working towards but it is hard giving up so many things that I love. I am still currently vegetarian and am happy with this for now.

I started reading My Not So Perfect Life by Sophie Kinsella again because I got the loan back on Overdrive, I have been reading it so much lately. I am on page 488 of 728 on Overdrive now. It is at a very interesting part in the book right now and I want to read on to find out what happens. This is the best kind of reading in my opinion, when you wonder what will happen next and it interests you. I always think back to the level of obsession when I was reading the Twilight book one Christmas. I remember that Christmas when I could not put the book down it was too good. I would love to be so into a book to that level again. I am also still reading Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail by Cheryl Strayed and it is also a page turner. I am looking forward to reading both of these books this month. It seems that books always come in two's for me lately, but it is because I lose my loans, then get them back again when I am already reading a new book then it is hard to juggle both. I am determined to finish My Not So Perfect Life this time before I lose it again. At this rate it is very possible. I am currently at 7/25 books from my goodreads goal now. My newer goal is to try to get to 10 books read this year. This may be possible if I finish some of my outstanding books.

I found this Santa hat in my Christmas things today and had to take a selfie with it! Ho Ho Ho!

I have joined A Blissful Lemon again with another link up. This one is called Blogmas: Naughty or Nice 2017. I am excited to do a link up again. In November I did the NaBloPoMo challenge where I wrote a post everyday. This one does not require us to post everyday but when we have time and it has to be Christmas related. I love this because around this time of the year all I want to talk about is Christmas. Speaking of Christmas, I have started decorating and will be posting an entry this week about decorating the apartment for Christmas. I am getting a Christmas tree this Saturday! Can't wait to decorate it and share photos with you soon.
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Joining along with Frontier Dreams for Crafting On, and AsKatKnits for Unwraveled Wednesday.

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Have a great day!


  1. I enjoyed this Christmas-y post, and love the selfie!

    I can't wait to see your tree. :-)

  2. So cute !!!!!
    The mittens and you ;)

  3. I hope your search for a new job in the new year yields lots of possibilities. love the ornaments :)

  4. I love the adorable mini mittens. I really want to find a Santa hat. Or maybe make one, since all the ones I find are either too small or too itchy for me.

    Good luck with the job hunt!

  5. Good luck with the finish of your courses and the new job search. I will look up that book, I love her writing. Have you read The Nightingale by Kristen Hannah? It was amazing.


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