Friday, December 8, 2017

Blogmas: A Bit of Decorating for Christmas and Knitting Updates

Hello Friends,

I hope you are doing well. I decorated a bit for Christmas yesterday and today and it feels wonderful to have decorations around in the apartment now. Christmas decorations always make a space feel so much more cozy and inviting.
I put up a wreath on the door of the closet at the end of our hallway and then hung up some ornaments and the bow on it. I also added the cute reindeer onto the hook as well to add something extra to the wreath this year.

Wreath on the closet door in the hallway
 I decorated the small tree that sits beside my desk in our office. I added ornaments and garland and the pretty angel on top from Ten Thousand Villages.

Small tree beside my desk in the office
Below is  one of my favorite ornaments on my little tree. It looks like my red car carrying lots of Christmas presents on top!

I just purchased the two green cushion covers below from Dollarama for $3 each and I am really happy with how they look on the couch. I also love the cushion with the writing 'Merry Christmas' on it that I purchased from Michael's last year. So glad I did, I love it! The gray and red blanket is a Beaver Canoe blanket from back in the day when I worked at Target Canada. I remember passing by it so many times while working and thinking when it goes on sale I will buy it! I am glad I did because it is so comfortable.

That's it for now for decorations. I have a bunch of little Santa figurines and other small decorations which I did not both to take pictures of each of them. I have also shared many photos of them throughout the years if you would like to look back here. I still have all of them and scatter them around each year. I will be getting a Christmas tree this Saturday December 9th, so I will be sharing photos of the tree next week. I am so excited to finally put up the tree!

I got to knitting the Wool and the Gang Farrah Billie Jean top again. I had stopped because I realized I made some sort of mistake with the knitting. It looked like a tension issue to me.. I frogged back the work and took it away because it was pretty obvious even in the front of the piece that the stitches in that row were all looser and would look bad in the front piece of the top. I always feel better once I frog the work and just start knitting again. I find I always feel like putting it off and procrastinate a bit on ripping it out hoping I don't have to but in the end it is for the best! I finished knitting the heel flap for the stocking and beginning to work on the final part of the stocking, the foot. I am looking forward to being done and hanging both stockings on the wall for Christmas. I will be starting to knit a couple of secret projects very soon as Christmas gifts which I will share after I gift them.

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Hope you have a great day!


  1. Cozy......
    Have a creative weekend !

  2. I love the little mousie on your tree.

  3. Your home is looking very festive!

  4. Your photos are so festive - and I love that you shared with us!

  5. I love to see other people's decorations :) Thanks for the tiny tour - great knitting!


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