Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Trip to Montreal, Sweater Sleeve Progress, and Reading On

Hi Friends,

I hope you are doing well. I had a busy weekend going to Montreal with my family to visit friends and family friends. I grew up in Montreal, Quebec and moved to Ontario when I was fifteen so we have a lot of good memories in Quebec. We went to downtown Montreal where I met up with my friend I have had since elementary school and it was so nice catching up with him. Then the next day we went to a barbecue hosted by my parent's friends and we had a great time with lots of food. We had to get La Belle Province hot dogs and poutine for lunch which is a tradition of ours. The trip was amazing as always, the weather was rainy and gloomy most of the time but we made the most of it and I love our tradition of going to visit in the summer. We got back on Sunday night and I have been getting back into the swing of things here. I finally bought one of the Starbucks "you are here" mugs while in Montreal. I have been using it everyday since I got back, it looks small but it is wide and hold a lot of coffee.

We went to Old Montreal on Saturday morning which is so beautiful with its old buildings, cafes and stores. It was raining that morning but we had our umbrellas and just walked around mostly, popping into a few stores.
In Old Montreal
I have been knitting more of the 3timesChic sweater sleeve. I have knitted 17.5 inches now I am onto the decreasing part of the sleeve. I am looking forward to being done the sleeve then can move onto sewing the pieces together.

Sweater sleeve in progress
 I took apart a few rows of the kerchief after I finished it last week because I decided it was too short for me and I would not wear it if it did not stretch out like 20 inches when it was blocked. It was actually 20 inches too narrow when it was finished and I don't think blocking could stretch it to the measurements it is supposed to be at 53 inches as it was 35 inches. It was hard to take it apart especially after posting about being done, but I will be happier in the long run by knitting an extra stockinette section which is 21 rows, we'll see how the measurements are once I finish those.

I read so much of Bridget Jones: Mad About the Boy on our trip to Montreal and got through a lot of it. I am loving the humor in the book and how she is going about starting to date again it is so funny and I can remember how dating used to be a headache at times wondering if they liked me or if I was doing something right or wrong. This book has got all of that and her learning to use twitter and trying to get followers is hilarious and I can relate to trying to get more followers through social media and my blog. Today I decided I will get started on reading "Into the Water" by Paula Hawkins because I left Bridget Jones in my parent's car so I have an excuse to start reading it!

This week I will focus on knitting the sleeve and finishing it, finishing the kerchief, and buying some yarn to start knitting socks. I still want to choose a sock pattern on Ravelry so I will also choose one to get started on the socks soon. I will be focusing on blocking the pieces next week so I am excited for that, then I will be sewing the sweater pieces together maybe in a couple of weeks.

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  1. It is hard undoing knitting, but so much better if you weren't going to wear it at all.
    I looked out for someone I know who lives in a Montreal, didn't catch a glimpse of her in the photo ... you never know, she might have been there, stranger things have happened!

  2. I see you had fun in Montreal ! I lived in a near by city named Monte Real...
    I have a book from P.H. in my shelf and I had alrady read Bridget J.
    Have a creative day !

  3. Love the mug .........I was collecting a previous version -- the blue and white city mugs. I have Philadelphia and Orlando. But, then they quit making those. So, I don't have one for Jacksonville. :-( The Florida one isn't very pretty.

    Good luck with your sweater sleeve. It's ALWAYS better to make the changes. I know I wouldn't wear a sweater that didn't fit comfortably.

  4. I was in old Montreal last summer for a weekend (my first time)! We have family in London Ont and in Ottawa. I loved the cobbled stone streets and eating outside in the fresh air. We had a great time :) I've got my eye on into the water.


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