Thursday, July 13, 2017

Summer Bucket List 2017

Hello Friends,

I hope you are doing well. I have been getting my course work wrapped up, they end in mid-August, and then I will be done the first three of the online Office Administration certificate. I have been working on knitting and finishing off my projects. I am now looking forward to the blocking process for both my sweater and my kerchief.  I am looking forward to starting to knit up some socks, which are on bucket list I created of things I would like to to do this Summer. I decided to make a list of things I would like to do this Summer since the Summer can fly by and I could miss out on doing things I would like to do! It is helpful to write a list to get ideas flowing and to come up with a plan. So I wrote down a list of ten things I would like to do this Summer to share with you!

Summer Bucket List 2017

1. Go camping
I have gone camping with my family every summer for many years and we love to be outdoors and enjoy nature. I love spending time at the campsite, going to the beach, having delicious barbecues and enjoying each other's company.

2. Roast marshmallows on the campfire
This is something I do every year when I go camping with my family and my boyfriend. I love the taste of roasted marshmallows, and love making s'mores with them. Yummy!

Campfire at a cottage last Summer
3. Knit socks
I want to get started on knitting socks for Christmas gifts as I love knitting socks for my family. I will probably knit my boyfriend socks too this year so I have to get started soon! Socks are also a great project to carry around during the Summer. They are a light project and easy to throw into a bag to go to the beach or sit by the pool.

4. Go on a trip with my boyfriend 
We have been talking about going to Montreal and staying in a hotel downtown. We are still not sure exactly when but sometime this summer for sure!

5, Make Summery treats
I have seen so many fun summer treats that you can make at home. Like popsicles, smoothies, and other refreshing treats that also be fun to share with you!

6.  Have a picnic 
There is a wonderful park nearby and whenever I walk there, I think it would be fun to make some sandwiches one day and go have a picnic with my boyfriend or some friends.

A photo from a fun picnic with friends back in 2010

7. Go to the beach 
I feel like the summer is not complete if I don't go to the beach. It is so nice sitting and reading on the sand, sunbathing, or going into the water. I would love to knit on the beach this year, that would be so relaxing and enjoyable. The weather just has to cooperate!

8.  Read three books
I am always reading, but in the summer there is more downtime on vacations to read. I hope to get a lot of reading in this Summer! maybe I will look for a fun Summery book to bring on my vacations.

Reading on the beach in the Dominican Republic in April 2017

9. Watch a baseball game 
I have gone to a couple games so far and I would like to go again this year. It is fun to just hang out and have a beer and maybe some popcorn and kick back. 

10. Go Kayaking 
I have not gone kayaking for about four years now, and it would be fun to go again.

Kyaking in the Summer 2013
I will make a summary post at the end of the summer to let you all know how I did with my bucket list, and if I accomplished all the things I wanted to do this summer.

What are some things you would like to do this summer?  

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Have a great day!


  1. we stayed in old montreal downtown and cannot remember the hotel name. Ugh. I don't think you can pick a bad one though. Everything was within walking distance :)

    Love seeing your bucket list and while I am not a camping enthusiast, I grew up doing it and having fond memories of it.

  2. My bucket list has ONE thing in it. FIND A HOUSE TO BUY!

    That's our all-consuming project for this year.

    Have fun ticking off the items on your list.

  3. Your list sounds wonderful Lisa, hope you get it all in.


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