Thursday, April 20, 2017

Potting Plants and Some Knitting Updates

Hello Friends,

I hope you are all doing well. Today has been a dreary day, it has been dark and raining and windy all day. I decided it would be a good day to head over to Canadian Tire to get some supplies to pot some plants today. I bought some potting soil, river stones, gardening gloves, and a new pot. It is the first time I have potted a plant properly instead of just sticking a plant that is in its small pot inside of another larger pot. I laid down some brown bags, pulled on my pink gardening gloves(they have to be pink!), and then got to work.

I got a small bag of Promix potting mix and a bag of river stones for drainage
I decided to move my Rhoeo plant over to a larger pot because it has not grown for some time and probably needs more space to spread its roots.

Rhoeo moving day 
Rhoeo and Peace Lily in their new pots 
As you can see, the Rhoeo plant is now in a much larger pot and already looks happier and not so squished. The Peace lily behind it has been potted as well. I put the river stones in the bottom, about 2 inches of stones until I felt like it was enough for drainage and then filled it with potting soil.  I also moved over my Aloe plant, that had been in the small green pot that is to the right of the cream colored pot. It also looks like it has much more space now.

Aloe plant has a new permanent home 

Different angle of the Aloe plant. I think it is such a cool looking plant.
Below are photos of all the plants I currently have and their new homes for now. I think they look a lot happier in their new pots. I did not want to disrupt the succulents and the African violets and they seem fine where they are.

Rhoeo in new pot


African violets, they have lost most of their flowers but the one in the middle has new flowers sprouting!

All of the living room windowsill gang
Also in the living room, but on a side table, peace lily doing well potted in this adorable pot I love!

The kitchen twosome, the bamboo plant and the aloe plant! 

I have been working on knitting the sock and am almost finished. I am almost done knitting the foot of the sock then once I am done the 6 inches, I will be knitting the toe part of the sock and begin decreasing to shape the toe. I will probably be sharing photos of the sock next week when it is completed. I know I have already posted so many pictures of the sock and sweater by now. I am hoping to start a new project soon as well once I am finished the socks. The sweater is also coming along, I have finished most of it and now I am onto the neckline.

Thank you so much for visiting! I hope I did not bore you too much talking about my plants and I hope you enjoyed the potting plants post. If you have any questions about potting plants or what I did in the process please feel free to ask in the comments. It was my first time so I just learned as I went along! If you liked this post please follow me for more updates at my Bloglovin page, or through Google Followers.

Have a great day!!


  1. You are a house plant fan just like me, at one time I had so many plants there was no room for anything else haha. they will be so much happier in their new pots they look lovely. I need to do the same with my plants too but need to get the supplies, and yes garden gloves have got to be pink! looking forward to seeing your completed socks. :) x

    1. Yes we are both house plant fans! sounds right, I would probably have them everywhere if I could. I think that I might get a floor plant one day they look great in the corner of the room. Happy potting! thanks for stopping by!

  2. A little and lovely garden in your house !!!
    Have a fun weekend !

    1. Thank you Anna! hope you had a wonderful weekend too!

  3. I should repot some of my plants but I keep putting it off. One day....maybe! I have a tendency to over water and love them too much. Your plants look so nice!!

    1. Thank you so much Karen! I had put off potting my plants for some time, then finally decided to go buy the supplies and do it lol. yes me too, I am trying not to water too much, and I am checking the soil for dryness. I read recently that it is almost better to wait until the plant is wilting than to over-water which kills the roots, good tip for me because I constantly want to water them, but I must refrain from doing so as to not cause more damage.


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