Saturday, March 25, 2017

Stitchy Saturday: Spring Stitch Knitting Pattern

Hello Friends,

I hope you are all doing well. This week on Stitchy Saturday I am talking about the Spring Stitch. This stitch looked so interesting and would be a lot of fun to knit up. I could see this stitch being used for many projects! It looks like a bobble stitch but you can see the loops of the yarn that have a spring-like appearance. The same of the stitch is just perfect as it was the first day of Spring this past week!

What stitch:

This week I tried the Spring Stitch


Use the needles that the yarn calls for.
It needs to be a multiple of 4
Repeat from * to *
RS= right side
WS= wrong side

Cast on your stitches.
# rows as your base:
K1 row RS
P1 row WS
K1  row RS
Row 1.- WS.- k1 for edge, *k1 with 8 wraps around the 2 needles, k1, p2*. end with a k1 with wraps, k1 and k1 for edge. 

* If you would like alternating springs like in the photo above, P2 then wrap yarn around 8 times and knit and then continue pattern so the springs are not on top of each other.
Row 2.- RS.- Knit the whole row.
Repeat these 2 rows until desired length.
End work with:
P 1row WS
K 1row RS
Bind off purlwise.

Pattern found on the Youtube channel Joannesweb (she calls it the worm stitch)

What I thought: 
I really loved this pattern, I know I always say that, but this one was very fun to knit. It was repetitive and relaxing and the springs are really cute! I loved feeling the spring sections of the swatch after I was done and I was getting inspired to knit a project using this adorable stitch pattern. I think it would look so nice on a hat or cowl.

Knitter level: 
Beginner: It looks challenging, but to get the spring look of the pattern it is simply wrapping the yarn around 8 times and then knitting. The rest is just knit and purl. I was sure I would find this one challenging but it wasn't too challenging and I started to get into the rhythm of the pattern and didn't even need to look at the pattern in front of me to knit the stitch pattern after a short while.  

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Have a great day!


  1. That pattern would make a good scrubby dishcloth, but I'm guessing it uses up a lot of yarn.

    1. yes a dishcloth would be great with this stitch! it does take more yarn because of wrapping it around but worth it!

  2. Wow ! Wonderful work! Fantastic! :)


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