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Hello November: Knitting Goals and Blog Updates

Hello Friends,

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 We are now entering the month of November which brings us closer to the holiday season.  We are getting closer to the time when we begin making plans for Christmas gifts if you celebrate or preparing to bundle up to protect against the cold.  I have posted a countdown to Christmas widget on the sidebar so it might be helpful to keep track of little projects on the go.  Hope you find that useful.  I have been working on finishing the practice socks they are nearing the end now I just have to finish the toes of the second sock.  When I am done these socks I will get started on knitting a few pairs for family.

Almost done the socks!

Some knitting goals for November are:

  1.  Finish the pair of socks
  2. begin knitting socks for my mom
  3. continue knitting the scarf for Liam
  4. knit a new stitch 
  5. post more favorites
I will be posting my goals at the start of every month for the month and at the end of the month about the progress I made towards the goals.  I used to love to do this on a website called 43 Things that is no longer running because they cancelled the site.  RIP 43 things you were great for the goal creaters like me to keep me posting and updating about my goals.  I will do it here instead.

Some of my personal goals are:
  1. get more organized
  2. go to the gym 1-2 times each week
  3. finish reading two books
  4. get most of my Christmas shopping done
  5. study ahead of time for final exams for school
I am looking forward to this month.  I have in more recent years loved November because it is a time after Halloween to relax and before Christmas to get ready for the Holidays.  I also like to begin thinking about Christmas gifts to knit at this time and about the upcoming season and things I would like to do.  

What are your goals this November?

Thank you for visiting! 

"Go out and paint the stars" - Van Gogh

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  1. My goals for November are:
    1. Finish the pair of socks I'm working on
    2. Put the cricket loom together
    3. Weave something on the loom!
    4. Go to the gym 3-4 times per week.

    1. Thank you for sharing! I like your bag and sock on your blog! the sock looks like zebra print, good luck finishing the second one! :) I see you have go to the gym as well I hope we can both get this goal checked off this month! :) have a good week!

  2. Hi Lisa, I love the Christmas countdown widget to help keep us all motivated with our Christmas makes. I did most of my goals in October that I planned to do, I finished 2 pairs of socks (one is a gift pair) and I also finished sewing one patchwork cushion. The Katniss Cowl also got finished, which was very well received by my daughter. I also got to finish two new paintings. So all in all I haven't done too badly.
    I have yet to set my November goals but I would suspect that gift shopping/making will feature in there somewhere.

    Good luck with your goals this month and have a great week xx

    1. That is wonderful Linda! glad you like the widget!thats great you got most of your Christmas gifts knitted in October ! I;m sure your daughter loved the cowl it is so beautiful. When I was watching catching fire the whole time I was thinking to myself "could I knit that?". I think I might try out that pattern when I have more time once I am done my final exams for this semester :) I like that you made so many gifts I think handmade gifts are the best kind of gifts :) have a great week too! thank you for visiting :)
      Lisa :)

  3. You have a big list !!!
    My goals are : crochet hats and baby clothes for charity, read, rake leaves and buy/ make all the present before december...and try swiss embroidery !
    Have a fun week !

    1. haha yeah I used to write goals at the start of every month then I stopped but I think its a great way to stay on track :) I do have a long list let's hope I can get everything done for Christmas! That is so sweet that you are crocheting hats and baby clothes for those in need this winter I think that is such a great way to give back and enjoy making them as well! swiss embroidery sounds nice! I hope you like it!
      thank you, have a great week too!
      thank you for visiting!
      Lisa :)

  4. Great goals sweets, I wish you luck on all of them.

    1. Thank you Meredith! I will try! I hope you have a good week!


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