Saturday, November 1, 2014

Happy Halloween!

Hello Friends,

 I hope you all had a wonderful Halloween and enjoyed yourselves however you decided to celebrate!  This year I started off the Halloween festivities with decorating some pumpkins with gauze.  This was an idea I saw on Lauren Conrad’s Instagram and loved the idea so much for its simplicity and for how adorable it is.

I made some of my own by buying pumpkins at a local farm, buying gauze for $3 from Target and wrapping it around the pumpkins.  It is really cute in Lauren's photo to use googly eyes but I didn't have any so I drew them instead.

 I got dressed up as a fairy and went out with some friends of mine.  We had a great time! to make the costume: I bought the dress at Walmart for $3.00, then my sister had the fairy wings from a past year, I bought the flower crown for $11 from Claires, and the blue streak clips from the Spirit of Halloween for $2.00.  I used silver sparkly tights that I had already, and black flats. The whole costume cost me: $16.00! I was pretty happy as a student to put a costume together without breaking the bank.

Me as a fairy for Halloween 

I hope you all enjoy your weekend!

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  1. Thank you Meredith! that's so sweet :) have a great rest of your weekend!
    Lisa :)


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