Wednesday, August 6, 2014

I was nominated for a Liebster award!

Hello Friends,

I was nominated by Kate from the I Live, I Love, I craft, I am me... blog! I love getting nominated for these awards and I think it is a great way for us bloggers to network and get to know one another better.  So here goes...

First 11 facts about me:  

1.  I am finnish, Scottish and German.
2.  I was born in Montreal, Quebec 
3.   My craft of choice is knitting as you can probably tell from my blog 
4. I love sushi and Japanese, thai foods 
5.  I love Netflix, I am always watching new shows and movies on there.  
6.  I am a chocoholic! I love chocolate, I think I have a bit of chocolate everyday.  
7.  I love to be cozy covered in blankets, under my knitting, it’s probably a big reason why I knit!  
8.  I love holidays and being surrounded by family during this time.  My favorite holiday is Christmas! I usually start celebrating at the beginning of November.  
9.  I am going back to school in the fall to earn my Bachelor of Arts degree! I am so excited!  
10.  I am so scared of spiders...will that fear ever go away? I get so squeamish when I have to kill one
11.  I love looking at quoted photos on Pinterest when I have time to browse through.  They are so inspirational and uplifting!

To answer Kate’s questions:

1.                  I love hearing the sound of the rain, coming from Africa it is seen as a gift, how do you feel about the rain?
I like listening to the sound of rain too.  I especially love those days when I can sit with a book by the window and read while hearing the pitter-patter of rain hitting the window.
Photo Source 

     2.                  Ever done something at school that at the time seemed really cool but now - you've realised 'how silly' it was?
I think that a lot of what we do in school is silly when we look back, arguments, drama,  it’s all because we are still young and trying to figure ourselves out.   I think we would do it differently if we went back as adults.  Nothing in particular stands out for me :P 

            3.                  Got any tattoos and/or piercings? Care to share/reveal??
I have some piercings.... on my ears! Not uncommon I know.

4.                  What is on your knitting needles or crochet hook at the moment?
I have the second orange sock on my needles now.  I just learned the basics of learning how to knit socks and I am really enjoying it so far!

5.                  When I need a little 'me time' I put on the fairy lights, light some incense and reach for my crafting - what do you do?
I usually like to knit and watch a movie or a show on Netflix to have the downtime to just relax.

6.                  What is the perfect film to take your best friend to see? (Can be current or vintage) and why that particular one?
I think the “Other Woman” because it speaks a lot to girls coming together to support one another.  There are a lot of good messages to friendship in that film.

Photo Source 

7.                  Do you have a favourite colour/s above all others? 
I really like purple it is such a pretty color.  I like the color purple in flowers and in nature.  I haven't knitted much with the color purple which is now surprising me! I will be knitting some purple socks soon :)

8.                  Does that colour dominate your wardrobe?
Not really, I have a few pieces I think black and red might dominate my wardrobe but that is for work related reasons.

9.                  What bit of technology could NOT do with out?
I don’t think I could go without my phone and my laptop for very long.  I bring my phone with me everywhere as I am sure most people do.  I love my laptop because I need it for blogging and I have stored all my photos on my laptop.  I think I could go with out TV for awhile though now with Netflix and you can view a lot online.
10.              Is there something that wish you could perfect or even attempt? For me it is knitting socks - something I will day.
I would love to attempt to knit a sweater! I have wanted to for some time now but I am too chicken.  I know I have to just set some time aside and start.  Good luck with the sock knitting! I just knitted one sock and it wasn’t so bad J
Photo Source

11.              If you could travel to anywhere in the world for a picnic with your most favourite person, where would it be and what would be in your picnic basket - go on the world is your oyster!
I have said before in one of these question and answer Liebster award questionnaires that I would love to go to Paris with my boyfriend.  We could have a picnic by the Eiffel tower! My boyfriend is like my best friend I think that going anywhere with him would be the most enjoyable experience.  We could have French bread and wine at our picnic!

Photo Source


I follow a lot of these blogs through my instagram account and I love looking through the photos they post daily.  Thank you to all the blogs that are nominated for adding some colorful crafty works of art to my life everyday!

My questions to the nominated blogs are:

1.  What inspires you most to do your craft?
2.  What motivated you to begin blogging?
3.  Where would you most like to travel?
4.  What would you like to challenge yourself to do next in your craft?
5.  What would be your perfect day?
6.   What is your biggest dream/ goal?
7.   what is your favorite food?
8.   what is your favorite season?
9.  what is your favorite movie?
10.  what is the weirdest dream you have had?
11.  will you nominate 11 blogs and answer these questions? Please!

Can the new nominees include:

·  11 random facts about themselves, 
·  answer my 11 questions,
·  then choose 11 blogs they feel deserve the Liebster Award 
·  think of 11 questions you would like to ask them :)

Thank you for visiting! If you have been nominated please answer the questions and select 11 blogs with 250 or less followers so we can all link up and get to know one another J

Lisa :)

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  1. Hi Lisa, how thoughtful of you to nominate me! I agree that this seems like a great way to get to know our internet neighbours :) I will see if I can muster the courage (+ time) to answer all your wonderful questions and think of 11 other blogs to nominate. Wishing you a wonderful day! xo

  2. Great Leigh! you are very welcome! I found you on Instagram at first then followed your blog. That would be great if you could post your own too :) take care, and have a good day too!


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