Monday, August 4, 2014

Finished knitting my first sock!

Hello Friends,

How are you? I have been enjoying my day off work today by going for a delicious sushi lunch with my friend and then dodging the rain outside to make it back home.  There was a lot of rain today!

Today I am so happy because I finally finished my very first sock! I am excited to show all of you.  It is not perfect I see some errors but I will definitely learn from this first one what to do differently for the second sock. I did not decrease on both sides of the sock towards the kitchener stitch and then when I did the kitchener there were a few pieces that were not very tight.   I loved following Verypinkknits videos that were posted on YouTube.  They were so helpful in helping me learn the basics on how to knit a sock! if you are starting out I would recommend visit the link above to help guide you :)

Below are photos of my finished sock! thank you for visiting :)

First finished sock

Wearing the sock! fits comfortably
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Lisa :)

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  1. Oh how exciting! I remember my first sock was a complete disaster, but i went on to make 3 more great pairs! Big congrats on your first! You will be hooked now! Sock knitting is addictive! x

  2. You are now officially a sock knitter Lisa, it looks great and yay it fits too. I would say this is a good first attempt, well done and thanks for the link :-)


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