Saturday, December 3, 2011

This Christmas... I gave you my heart

Good Morning!
& happy December :) I cannot believe how fast November went and I felt like I had tons of time to go Christmas shopping. Now we only have 21 days until christmas morning gift opening :o

I have been knitting a gift for a friend lately and I will be knitting like crazy this month because my friends and I are having a Christmas get together and giving homemade gifts this year! I know, so cute right? I will post photos from that day because I have a feeling the presents will be so adorable. I have very creative friends I realized when we came up with this idea of homemade gifts.. one bakes and crochets, one sews and interested in fashion, and the third paints and is very artistic, and me of course I knit :) so there will be a variety in the gifts that's for sure. I'm really excited!

Today I am going to be a grown up and go car searching with my dad. I might finally choose the model and color that I want and then it will give me a better idea of what to buy soon. I need a car now because I still live at home and the schedules of my family and I are getting tangled up and I can never have the car during the day, which makes my placement for school difficult to get to in January.

Have good day!!

Lisa :)

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