Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Baby Shower, Progress on Knitting Baby Hat, and Halloween

 Hi Friends,

I hope you are doing well. I had my baby shower on October 2nd. I loved the décor and the food my mother in law set up. My sister and mom worked on and carried out the games. I received so many wonderful gifts. I am so excited as I am moving along in the pregnancy, but also getting a bit nervous. I am 35 weeks now and feeling bigger each day. We still have some things to get for the nursery to set it up I will share once we have it complete hopefully by the end of the month. I am so excited to be going on maternity leave in a week and a half! My last day of work is next Friday.

These cupcakes were so cute and also very delicious!

This was one of the games at the shower my sister put together. People had to guess what baby item were in the bags under each letter. 

Loved the food they put out and this fruit plate was so pretty.

I am working on knitting the IONA baby hat by Marianna Mel. It is such a fun knit on straight needles. I have been excited to knit this project. Just thinking of my baby wearing it one day is so exciting, and makes me want to be knitting it all the time. Knitting baby knits is the cutest. I have knitted most of the hat and next is to start knitting the top and decreasing. Below are photos of the hat folded and how it will look and then just flat the way it looks as I am knitting it.

For Halloween this year, I bought this cute pumpkin maternity shirt on Amazon and I handed out chocolates and candies. We got a lot of children this year! we had around 50 in the first hour and had to take down our decorations way earlier than I thought. 

Last year I bought Millie Bat wings for her first Halloween, but she was spayed and had stitches, so I didn't try to put them on. This year she really was fighting it, so I didn't push too hard. It would have been so cute if she wore them for awhile for a photo!

Joining along with Unraveled Wednesday over at As Kat Knits a weekly yarn along to see what others are working on :).

Thank you for visiting my blog today! I hope that you had a fun Halloween and have a good rest of your week.


  1. You look beautiful. The baby shower looks like a lot of fun. Baby knits are so fun to knit. How wonderful you can knit for your little one.


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