Sunday, October 25, 2020

Weekend Purging and Packing, Knitting, and Reading

 Hello Friends,

I hope you are doing well. I have been off work since last Tuesday. It has been so nice to have this time off to get ready to move and just relax. I don't realize that I need the time off until I am off and relaxing and enjoying some time away from work. This past weekend I went to Niagara on the lake with my family,  and we really enjoyed spending the day at Peller Estates Winery and then going shopping and spending time by the lake. Then the rest of the week I went through things to give away and we brought some clothes, CDs, and DVDs to donate to Salvation army. It always feels so good to donate things I don't need anymore and to make room for things I want instead. We will be going back with some more clothes and books soon for one or two more trips to declutter before we move. Today I was going through some documents and some sentimental items and deciding what I really wanted to keep. It helps to do this to minimize things we don't really want to keep and just at the time we kept it thought we wanted it. I like to thank each item as I throw it out so I feel like I am saying goodbye and thank you for the memories.

Enjoying Merlot on the patio

I had to frog my Amelia slouch beanie today. I had knitted quite a bit then realized it was very snug fitting and I wanted a looser fit for the beanie. I instead cast on 48 stitches when it calls for 36 that had been a one size fits all. It is sometimes frustrating realizing too late that a hat or garment doesn't fit as it was intended to. But I have realized over the years, it is sometimes best to take it apart and start over because I will not wear it anyways if its not the right fit.

I have been reading In Five Years by Rebecca Serle. It is good so far, I am a point in the book where I am so curious what happens next because it is dragging on a bit. I hope that this changes as I read on. I have started reading The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas. So far it seems like it will be a great read. I have heard a lot about this book so I am hoping that I enjoy it. I ordered a couple of books yesterday on Indigo. I am looking forward to getting them soon. It is always fun to get books in the mail!

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I hope you are all having a good weekend too. It has been a weird year during this Covid-19 pandemic and we keep hanging in there and trying to keep motivated. I think our community does such a good job at inspiring each other to attain our goals and keep learning and growing. I really appreciate your support and following my blog. I have also enjoyed visiting your blogs during this time, it has really made this year so much easier and enjoyable. I hope that you have a good week ahead and talk to you again on Wednesday for more updates!

Have a great day!


  1. You seem very relax and enjoying every day preparing your wedding ! Good for you !
    Have fun and stay safe !

  2. this has been a really stressful year!


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