Sunday, September 8, 2019

Toronto Veg Fest 2019

Hello Friends,

I hope you are doing well. Yesterday I spent the whole day at the Toronto Vegan Festival with my friend Leeanna. We have been going for three years now and the very first year I went inspired me to go vegetarian. You can read about the first trip I took to veg fest which inspired me to go veg here. I have also been very interested in going vegan and have done a month long challenge in the past. You can read about my month long vegan challenge here. I was so happy to see so many people at this year's veg fest it was so busy. I loved going to all the vendors and eating samples and talking with some of the vendors. I enjoyed attending some cooking sessions on making healthy salads with Terry Hope Romero and cooking vegan food in the instant pot with Nisha Vora. I always leave feeling so inspired and good about being vegetarian and wanting to improve in my cooking and also my networking with others.

 It was so busy there and such a positive energy in the air people enjoying vegan food and I was feeling so happy because I could eat everything there and enjoy the food and be with like minded people. My friend and I went to Vegan Bear stall first for lunch we got the "bear wrap" which is a vegan shawarma with seitan, veggies, tzatziki, and hot sauce in a pita. It was tasty.

Vegan Shawarma from Vegan Bear
 Next we walked around to more vendors and got lots of food samples. Then I saw people eating poutine and had to get some because I haven't had poutine for so long because of the gravy not being vegetarian. We went to Twigs & Taters next and they had this hilarious sign on their truck. 

This poutine was declious!

Photo of the CN tower
 Then I went to the Apiecalypse now! stall for dinner and got a slice of pizza. They also had a lot of other treats like cookies and pies, but I resisted. I got the BBQ buffalover pizza which was so delcious and filling. The ingredients were: buffalo not-chicken, red onion, plant-based notzzarella,  plant-based jalapeno havarti-style crumbles, ranch dressing spiral, and bbq sauce. As I was walking with it and waiting for my friend to order from my favorite vegan restaurant Fresh, I was asked twice where I got it from people who wanted to go get a slice.

I bought two shirts while at the veg fest. One is from Kinder Culture and says 'be kind to every kind'. I also got the Veg Fest t-shirt made my American Apparel which says "Live Life on the Veg" on the front and on the back it says Toronto Veg Fest. I am looking forward to wearing these shirts and working harder on spreading the positive message of living a plant based life.

Be kind

Front of shirt

Back of shirt
At night it was beautiful with the stringed-lights hanging from the trees. I was so happy to spend the whole day there with my friend catching up on life and trying out more foods because we could be there for two meals. I am still so happy that I decided to go vegetarian two years ago after attending my first veg fest. I believe in a world where no animal needs to be harmed so we can eat because we can live healthy lives without eating animals and causing them to suffer. Abstaining from meat is also better for the planet because deforestation for animal agriculture is causing harm to our planet right now and is one of the contributing factors to the amazon burning. I feel sad that this is happening to our planet and I am glad I can make a difference in my health, the lives of animals, and the environment by choosing to be vegetarian. I would like to continue living vegetarian and also start living a more vegan lifestyle by having less dairy, eggs, and fish.

Are you vegetarian or vegan and have you attended this type of festival before?

Thank you for stopping by!


  1. I am not vegetarian, but I do enjoy vegetarian restaurants. Looks like VEG Fest was a success.

  2. It was such a tasty, fun and inspirational day hanging out with you! :)


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