Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Thoughts on Turning 30

Hello Friends,

I hope you are doing well. Tomorrow is my 30th birthday! I can't believe the day has finally arrived. In some ways I feel 30 and am ready for this change and some ways I still feel too young and also a bit nervous. Turning 30 this year has come with a lot of reflection time. Ever since January of this year I have been thinking about what turning 30 means to me and if I am ready. I realized that turning 30 is the beginning of a new chapter of life for me. I am leaving my twenties behind and moving on to being 30 when I am happy in a job I love, surrounded by positive people in my life, and opening up to new possibilities and opportunities.

My twenties were for figuring out what I wanted to do in a career and who I was. I started out in one career and realized it was not the right fit for me and then made the decision to change careers. Now I am in a career I enjoy and feel like there are so many opportunities there for career growth and development. I was placed there on a contract earlier this year while working for a temp agency. Now I am so grateful that I chose the assignment and went into office administration and am in my current position of Data entry administrator.

At my sister's bridal shower in June 2018

I have been working on focusing on my goals more and more. Lately I have been thinking of making progress towards my personal goals and focusing on self care. I have made more of an effort to spend time doing things that make me feel fulfilled and a sense of accomplishment like knitting and blogging. I have been looking inward for the answers to what makes me happy and feel fulfilled, and I have been able to feel content most of the time. That might also come with getting older as you learn about yourself you can create a life you love because you know what works for you. I think I understand myself and that I need time to refresh by setting aside time to write goals and my focus when things get busy or stressful. I am more confident than I have ever been that I can take on challenges that come my way.

At my sister's wedding September 2018

My twenties were amazing, I met my boyfriend of now 5 + years, moved to Toronto to live with him, changed careers, my sister got married, I was her Maid of Honor, and I kept blogging throughout my twenties sharing my life and interests with you all. I cannot wait to see what the thirties have in store for me!

Tomorrow on my birthday, I will be going into the office for a regular day of work, then I will be going for dinner with my boyfriend to an Italian restaurant in the evening to celebrate.  On the weekend I will be spending time with family going to dinner.

I am excited for this new chapter to begin and feel like the best is yet to come.

Here's to 30!

Have a wonderful day


  1. A very Happy Birthday to you !!!!!!!!
    30 is when time begins to fly...…
    Enjoy every day !

    1. Thank you Anna! I feel like it will fly by I will try to enjoy the years :)

  2. I know it is hard to realize this - 30 being such a big anniversary in the eyes of almost everyone - but from looking back at those big birthdays (30, 40, 50) - the best is yet to come. These next 3 decades are the best years! Enjoy them. And take care of your body now so that when you reach the 60s and 70s, you will still be vibrant and full of life.

    1. That is true, there are so many other milestone ages to turn after 30. I am excited for my 30's and think they will be the best years of my life! I have been thinking of taking care of my body and skin so I feel my best in later years. Thank you Elaine!


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