Monday, September 24, 2018

My Sister's Wedding, Knitting, and Reading Updates

Hello Friends,

I hope you are doing well. I have been very well, it was my sister's wedding last weekend and it was amazing. I had a great time and enjoyed being her Maid of Honor. I made a speech and choked up a bit during it and people cheered me on and I also got a few laughs. I danced a lot and really enjoyed myself. I shared some photos from the big day below. They had their wedding on the harbor so there was a view of the lake from the venue and you can see the boats in the background of the photo of the sweetheart table.

My boyfriend, Liam and I by the flower wall at the end of the night 
With my hair and make up done!
Our bridesmaids bouquets in the limo!

I noticed the "just married" hearts on the back of the limo, so cute!

Where my sister and her now husband sat! 
It was so fun being my sister's Maid of Honor and helping her plan the events like bridal shower and bachelorette leading up to the wedding. I had such a great time at the wedding and reception afterwards. I am looking forward to seeing more photos from the photographers and also seeing the video the videographer took on the day.

In knitting, I have not been knitting too much. With the wedding and other work and exercise sessions it has been tiring and when I get home I just lay around. I really want to get better with this and knit a little each day so I make more progress towards my knitting instead of big spurts of knitting when I have bigger chunks of time which does not happen as often now working fulltime and going to the gym and trying to fit in time with family and friends. Below is some progress towards the second of the fingerless mitts. I knitted some rows today and got started and sometimes just getting started is the hardest part, then I will be done in no time.

I have still been reading Surprise Me by Sophie Kinsella. It is good but I have to read more often. I will be sure to give you my honest opinion of the book when I am finished it. I love Sophie Kinsella's novels so I am sure I will love it once I put more time aside to read it. As you can probably tell by now I am having issues with making time for knitting and reading.

Also I am so happy it is Fall now! Who else loves the cooler weather here? It is also perfect for knitting as it gets cooler I feel like knitting more and look forward to knitting chunkier projects.

Joining Frontier Dreams for Crafting On and As Kat Knits for Unraveled Wednesday.

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Have a great day!


  1. You looked so pretty ! And proud too !
    Have fun with your book and knit !

  2. What a fun day - you looked so lovely! And, I hear you about being too tired at the end of the day to do much of anything, but I "treat" myself and get in bed early every night - it is my knit and read time, and a lovely way to unwind from the day. Thank you for sharing those photos and for joining us today!

  3. you and your boyfriend are adorable together! I would get choked up as well. I was maid of honor to my sister but I do not recall having to speak :)

  4. Congratulations to your sister and her husband. The venue looked lovely and YOU looked beautiful.

  5. Congratulations to your sister!
    You look beautiful, love.
    I hope you find those small pockets of knitting time that we all search for.


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