Friday, June 23, 2017

Four Years Anniversary and Knitting Updates

Hello Friends,

I hope you are doing well. I had a wonderful day on Wednesday with my boyfriend, we celebrated four years together by spending the day together and eating lots of food and drinking wine and giving each other gifts. We started the day eating pancakes. then we had lunch together, then we went to a nice restaurant for dinner, got back home and opened gifts and cards, and had some wine. It was a lovely day. We met at my friend's birthday dinner four years ago and he came with a mutual friend of my friend's who she had invited that night. My boyfriend and I talked a lot that night and he was so easy to talk to right away. He added me on Facebook the next day then we got to messaging for a couple weeks, then had our first date. It was so fun talking to him and the conversation flowed so nicely, I knew that this would be something special.  Four years later, we are living together, and we are very happy.

Gift bags of gifts we gave each other, the roses he gave me, Today was a good day.

Pancakes I made for us in the morning, I tried to make a 4 out of chocolate chips haha

My boyfriend and I posing later on in the day after dinner
Pasta dinner + wine + bread 

Tiramisu for dessert at an Italian restaurant, it was delicious!
I have knitted more of the Age of Brass and Steam Kerchief and sleeve and making progress toward both. I am so excited to finish these projects and then get started on the socks! for the kerchief, I am finished the last stockinette section, now working on the last garter/eyelet section of the pattern. It is looking more and more complete. I am hoping it gets some length from blocking it. I love how the colors have fit in between the eyelet stitches, it looks nice like that.  If you would like to read older posts on my progress of the kerchief, you can click here.

I visited my family this week and it is always so nice seeing my parent's and our cats Moo and Roo again. Moo and Roo are so sweet and adorable, and because I don't have my own cats at the apartment, it is really nice being able to see them and play with them. Below is a picture of Moo eyeing my knitting. After I took this picture, he grabbed the kerchief with his claws, probably thinking it was something he could play with...


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Have a great day!


  1. Happy anniversary!!!

  2. Happy Anniversary for both of you !
    Have fun !

  3. Happy Anniversary! Love that you shared your celebration with us.
    Beautiful knitting and I am jealous of the kitty visit- I need some friends with cats so that I can play with them. :)

    1. Thank you Andi! of course, I love sharing with you all! :) haha I am the same, I need to see cats once and awhile I go through withdrawals!

  4. What a wonderful celebration Lisa. You are both adorable.

  5. happy four years!! you two make a cute couple :) visiting cats is almost as good as owning cats.

    1. Thank you Karen! haha yes it is nice to visit them, one day we will hopefully own one but my boyfriend is allergic so we'll have to get one that is hypoallergenic.


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