Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Yarn Along: Christmas Knits and a Knitting Project for 2017

Hello Friends,

I have been busy finishing up knitting Christmas gifts for my family. Christmas activities are beginning for my family and also with my boyfriend and his family. I am going down to the Christmas Market at the Distillery District soon and I am looking forward to seeing the artisans and to see the pretty Christmas decorations.
My boyfriend and I picked out our tree on Sunday night and brought it home. I was so relieved it fit in my car it was a 6 inch tree and it look beautiful perfectly plump branches and perfect for hanging ornaments. This is my first Christmas living with my boyfriend it is a fun time to pick out a tree together and share our traditions together. He is now fully realizing how crazy about Christmas I am!
We finished decorating the tree last night with the ornaments we have combined but I will be adding garland and a few more ornaments.
I am beginning a couple new projects this week. The first one is my last knitted gift for the Christmas season and it is for my dad. I'll keep it a secret incase he reads the post! I am casting on the beginning of a sweater! I am very excited about this and I will be focusing on knitting this sweater in the new year as my big project for 2017,  I am following a pattern on called 3timesChic. I am using 6 skeins of Lion Brand Yarn Homespun in the clouds color,  I will be posting about the progress of the sweater during the year and keep you updated on how it is going. I will be writing about what I am learning along the way and tips for other knitters who want to begin their first sweater as well.  I am currently still reading Wildflower by Drew Barrymore this week and almost finished but decided not to post the book in the photo so I am not too repetitive.

so far so good... I've knitted 2 1/2 inches of the back piece

What the sweater will look like! (hopefully) pattern from

 I also wanted to let you guys know that I got the job I interviewed for last week! I am very excited it is in a childcare center that uses the Reggio Emilia approach and I am starting in January so I will use this time before work to catch up on my knitting projects and prepare to teach soon.

Thank you for visiting and hope to see you soon!
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  1. Hooray for you getting the job, that is so exciting. Love your tree, our new traditions and that sweater.

  2. So many things to congratulate you on: your first Christmas with your boyfriend; your new job; and staring a sweater. May all go well!

    1. Thank you! and thank you for visiting my blog :) have a good weekend


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