Sunday, December 14, 2014

Knitting Christmas Gifts

Hello Friends,

I am back from exams! it is such a busy time of the year.  I really missed posting on the blog and I also really missed knitting while I was studying! I finished my exams early last week and I have been working pretty much full time with very little time to knit or post on here but tonight I have some time to catch up.  I am currently knitting up my boyfriend's Christmas present which is a black scarf to match the black hat I knitted him last year! he has been wearing the hat I knitted him a lot and I even end up borrowing it quite often when I am cold and without my own :P it has come in quite handy for both of us!
Here's how it looks so far: the yarn I am using for the scarf is Lion Brand: Thick and Quick Wool ease. Color black.

Scarf progress

I have also started knitting the socks for my mom using a very nice mustard color wool.  I am following very pink knits pattern. I downloaded it from her website.  It is coming in handy again while I am knitting I can watch the videos she posted along with the pattern.
Here is a photo of them so far:  I am using Loops & Threads: 1st Kiss. Gold color.

Sock progress

I am almost done my Christmas shopping I have bought so much for family and my boyfriend Liam.  I love to spoil them at this time of the year! It is fun to shop for others and to think of how they might enjoy what you buy for them.  'Tis the season!

I just bought Pentatonix’s Christmas album tonight called “That’s Christmas to Me” and I have had their hit song “that’s Christmas to me” in my head all night.  It is such a beautiful song and I cannot wait to listen to all the songs on the album!  They have such a lovely sound when they sing together.  They even have a very nice version of “let it go” from Frozen.

I hope you are all enjoy the holiday season!  Thank you for visiting J


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  1. Good for you getting those exams out of the way so now you can enjoy the Holidays. Love your new scarf and socks.

  2. Welcome back Lisa, I missed you lol. How nice to have the exams behind you and now you can enjoy your knitting and Christmas too. The Thick and Quick is lovely yarn (I used it for the Katniss Cowl) and it lives up to it's name so you should get this scarf done in no time. I remember that you had a pair of practice socks a small while ago so hopefully you'll sail through the gift socks without too much trouble.
    I love listening to Christmas albums at this time of year, they really help with your Christmas mojo. Sometimes it takes me a while to find my Christmas spirit and more so this year than ever before. I am getting there though and Christmas music is great whilst doing your housework too ... I have been known to belt out a few songs as I go along xx

  3. Good luck with your exams Lisa and good luck with your Christmas gifts, I find it hard working with dark colours but if the wool is thick it will work up very quickly, it would take me forever to finish a pair of socks too you are very good to be able to get them done by Christmas but I'm sure you will. :)

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