Sunday, October 27, 2013

A small pumpkin and a few corn...

Hello friends,

I like to start with "Hello friends" because after working with children in child care for almost 5 years you say "friends" when referring to the entire group and it is easier when calling them to follow you during transitions.

I went to the local farm today and picked up a small pumpkin for my boyfriend, some roasted peanuts, a few Indian corn (3 for $2.50 it was a deal), and some golden raspberries.  My parents and sister looked down at the raspberries and then at me and asked me "why are you buying those?"  but I bought them anyhow they look strange but I heard they are delicious.

I was thinking of using the Indian corn to make a wreath, so I might buy a wreath from Michaels and put one together as a DIY one day :)

I've also been knitting more lately.  I finished the hat in the dark gray and white yarn and now I am knitting up some mittens to match. I am almost done my first mitten, I will post a picture once I am done both :)  I am going to be starting some Christmas gifts soon, I can't wait!

Take care and goodnight!

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